Exhibitionism, cell phone cameras and the internet - oh my!!

I’m one of the old pharts being complained about in a different thread. I’ve always enjoyed the sight of a naked woman. Wonderful creatures, all different but all the same.

Back in my grammar school days, it was smutty little magazines passed around the school yard.

By high school, Playboy and Penthouse had hit the stands and it was easier to look at and compare the features of one woman to another.

In the early days of the internet naked photos were mostly reprints from magazine or porn films. To the best of my limited knowledge, virtually all of these types of photos were taken by a 3rd party photographer. I’ve always assumed that money changed hands.

But now, you can check out sites like imgur and see thousands and thousands of images that have been taken and uploaded by the subject herself! While I know there have always been female flashers - just like their male counterparts - it seems like the combination of extremely easy digital photography and the internet have brought out the exhibitionist in a much larger pool of women than I ever dreamed possible.

Are there any actual scientific studies about exhibitionism that explain why people do this and is there any real means of determining whether or not it’s really on the increase?

So many pictures, so little time!

Well, think about it. It’s easier all the time for any woman inclined that way; and even if we postulate less than one in ten women would do such a thing, that’s a really huge number of women in absolute terms. Added to that is a social trend I’ve noticed; while our “public culture” has been getting more and more prudish over the last 20 years or so, our private culture has been getting more and more raunchy. I suspect some young women in the back of their heads are just thinking “what’s one more naked picture among millions?”

I do wonder what’s going to happen when the porn-is-normal generation starts getting old enough to set the social rules for themselves.

When do you think that’ll be? I’m not sure when people start counting the “porn is normal” generation.

I think we’re in it. I returned to school at 35, and the 18-22 year old boys were positively shocking with their flirtation. Propositioning. Whatever you call it, they were bold, filthy, and absolutely influenced by the abundance of MILF porn. They fully expected me to enjoy that kind of attention, and the things they whispered, scribbled on notes and sent via school IM would have been hilarious if not so offensive. I was popular with the boys the first time around, too, but they asked me out. The 00s generation of boys thought every woman over 35 was a moaning, writhing, ready-made subservient porn star.

Woo-Hoo!! I am conducting a very scientific study and yes there is officially lot of naughty girls out there!! But seriously, its a combo of the over sexualized nature of a LOT of mainstream media and the normal desire for attetntion and risk the humans crave. Combined with the heightened anonymity of the 'net its bound to happen…Its just too bad it results in experiences like Tropuss had, thats not cool at all. Thankfully most of those lads will grow out of being such blathering fools when they discover there is more to life than boobies.

To be clear, RedMud636, that attention was merely annoying; not traumatizing or anything. They were just very clear about what they wanted from me, and assumed that real live, actual older women were just begging to be humiliated, used, talked dirty to, and… I’m not going to name the specific acts they offered, but they clearly believed that acts which couldn’t possibly result in gratification for a woman would be very pleasurable for her. I spent those three years feeling very sorry for the young women who dated boys raised on free porn. They are getting shafted in every sense of the word.

Yes, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Cats on the internet are by far the biggest attention whores of them all.

I am of that older generation like Fir na tine, with similar experiences. He, like me, probably experienced a jolt when we found out that no, women do not like or expect what is portrayed in porn as the default. I suspect that that jolt is getting harder as more boys grow up on crowd-sourced free porn.

I think the jolt may be more difficult for the young women who may attempt to emulate what has been popular for the last ten years and find it unfulfilling and degrading. Someone somewhere could make a mint providing alternative pornography that lies somewhere between romance novels and bukkake. It’s ugly out there for women right now.

In the olden days, when you had to go to the video rental store to get a VHS tape of your porn, at least it included some attempt at a plot.

I loved the unintentionally hillarious campy X-Rated Cinderella. (There was an R-Rated recut version of the X-Rated Cinderella that appeared on some cable TV stations.)

Here is a scene from the movie on youtube. There is no sex or nudity, but there may be some offensive stereotypes in this clip:

Unfortunately, the clip does not contain one of the many musical numbers.

Do you really believe that there isn’t a significant amount of pornography which falls in-between romance novels and bukkake?

I just checked out the first video I found on the first five Google results for “porn”. Xhamster (Charmane Star on a tropical island), Pornhub (Sophia Castello takes a black cock), Youporn (Viktoria Sweet erotic fuck), xnxx (Siri says) and Perfectgirls (This amateur girl has made a new fuck buddy she can turn to when she gets horny).

None of them were like romance novels and while some, not all, of them include one ejaculation on breasts or face, that is quite short of a bukkake.

So, do you really believe there’s no pornography in-between romance novels and bukkake? if so, what’s lead you to that conclusion?

No, no, MichaelEMouse, I don’t believe there is anything in between. I do not. Keep up the research, though, you’re a real trooper. Science!

If you do believe there is something in-between being offered, why say: “Someone somewhere could make a mint providing alternative pornography that lies somewhere between romance novels and bukkake.”?

No way. Not going down the Mousehole on this one. Go split someone else’s hairs.

Reminds me of Bill Maher’s observation: “your fantasies bore us. Our fantasies disgust you.”

The point is that it is difficult for women to find pornographic videos portraying only acts that they themselves would find pleasurable or rewarding to perform. Think of it this way: It’s as if 95% of general-audience free streaming porn videos featured random cuts to footage of Bruce Willis orally servicing Kathy Bates.

PS. Romance novels can get pretty filthy.

It’s not hair splitting. You just plain said something that was factually incorrect. There is every sort of porn you could possibly imagine out there. The gap in the market to which you refer does not exist

Okay, you two. I personally feel that most of the easily accessible/free porn available is rather degrading to women, and most often portrays acts in which the men received gratification by doing things to women which are not likely to result in her pleasure. Facials, gagging women during oral, laughing when they gag, laughing when they get stuff in their eyes, calling them names, ordering them around, titty f*cking them, revenge porn, hidden camera porn, and hosing down their backsides are common themes and while there are certainly women who enjoy being degraded or used, I doubt that many receive as much gratification from the degrading acts as the men who are gratified. This is clearly demonstrated in the aforementioned acts.

If you two porn librarians are aware of productions in which the pleasure of women is of equal import as the pleasure of men, please, please, link to it, because that would be ever so awesome of you. As far as I can tell, the pendulum swings the other way.

A woman recently recommended X-Art to me. Many videos are freely available. I won’t link to it to avoid running afoul of the board’s rules but Pornhub is easy to find and its search engine will lead you there with a simple “xart”.
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Yeah I don’t need links to porn; I was unclear. I said the majority of porn is geared towards objectification and humiliation of women. The generations of men weaned on that subject matter probably have wrong ideas about what women actually want in bed. The presence of a few specialty sites aimed at women does not discount my previous statement.