Expand a post link to a thread?

I’ll admit - the most frequent reason I want to do this is when I’m looking at the announcements that people have been naughty have been suspended/banned/otherwise terminated with extreme prejudice, that show posts as evidence of their naughtiness. :slight_smile: However, occasionally other people use links to individual posts as well.

Is there a way of expanding the post to show the thread it is in? I tried fiddling with the link, but so far I haven’t found a way to change a link to a post into a link to the corresponding thread.

If you take this thread announcing a suspension and click on the first link, you get a single post. In the blue bar at the top left, it says “view single post”. At the right hand side of the bar (at least in my browser) there is a link to the whole thread.

I know this trick works fairly well. Click on the Post number you want.
This gives you a new window with the single post.
Copy the link from the new window.
Paste into edit window
Now remove the &postcount=3 and change showpost to showthread


Aha! Thankyou very much! I never noticed that. Now I can browse the threads containing the naughty bits more easily.

Yes, fairly well, as in not quite correct on Firefox. It displays the very top of the post at the bottom of the screen, and you have to scroll down. But that’s good enough for me.

However, within a post you compose, use the documented method: the post tag.

This: [****post=7482827]the same post[/post]

generates this: [post=7482827]the same post[/post]