Explain someone else's user name, please!

Another thread asks posters to explain their own user names. It’s fascinating to see other peoples’ minds working. This is not that thread. Oh, no.

This one is much sillier. If you actually know why a poster has that name, ignore it. You are now asked to make a wild, maybe humorous, guess at how the user chose that name. Improvise all you want; go crazy!

Remember, don’t get serious. Points off for being factual. It’s all in good fun, and all proceeds, if any, will be donated to charity, or something.

For example,…Czarcasm is the canyon of time between Russian royal regimes. This last Czarcasm has lasted a really long time. I’m pretty sure you can top that.

I like to think Stranger on a Train performed a criss-cross murder a while back and got away with it.

AsKnott is the user who hides his anxiety driven personality so much he goes through life As Don Knotts

I just have to say that every time I see Scumpup, I want to say ‘Scumping up, sir!’

Also, WOOKINPANUB makes me think of Chewbacca having a pint.


YogSothoth: War is brewing. A battle has been going on between the Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbera characters. In one showdown, Yogi Bear and Sylvester the Cat are facing off. Eventually Sylvester the Cat slays Yogi Bear, skins him, and fluffs up the pelt so it is the softest bear skin rug ever. He names the rug: Yog So thoth

Seaman Faulkner works on a whaling ship when he’s not posting on this board.

Rick is an anal-retentive chap with serious OCD issues who insists on everything being stacked in precise patterns.

Chefguy possesses quite the head of spikey, bleached hair and spends his days bothering honest restauranteurs with his total lack of knowledge and obnoxiousness.

pulykamell is a baby ungulate with digestive issues who whines too much.

Johnny LA(sic) operates a portapotty franchise in Baton Rouge.

Cunctator I always see as being a more profane and opposite version of the word dictator, only instead of a DICK-tator, it’s a…

**swampbear **is neither a swamp nor a bear. His name recalls the time in summer camp when he **swam **with peanut butter in his ear. Most normal people would be traumatized by such an experience, but he’s oddly proud of that moment. However, his later attempts to repeat the feat with jelly led to his hospitalization and subsequent fear of marmalade.

I’ve said for years that mangetout is NOT man get out, but a mangy trout. And I stick to it.

FairyChatMom is in fact a fairy. Or thinks she is. She runs around in this silver tutu, gold lame leggings and pink ballet slippers throwing glitter all over everyone and everything she sees.

koeeoaddi is the father of a child named Keo.

puzzlegal has a perfectly legal puzz.

snfaulkner writes short, manageable sentences. He is So Not Faulkner.

unauthorized cinnamon is a Spice Girl wannabe.

BigT is a cat burgler and has a large cache of stolen loot buried under a tree. His real name is Malloy and he has the world’s largest Cubic Zirconium on his living room table. (What an eyesore!)

Wow, have I been wooshed all these years (or just now?) I always read that as mange tout, French for “eat everything”.

No, you are right (or so I think). Mangetout is in reference to this guy. A French entertainer who eats(ate)…well…everything.

Clothahump’s name IRL is Clothilda Humphries.

Colibri and his missus were both born under the astrological sign Libra, the plural of which is Libri. They are co-Libri.

Idle Thoughts is a really bad speller who keeps thinking about the Bieb.

Edward’s beard is a pretty young woman whom Elizabeth II paid to date her son, Prince Edward, in order to deflect rumors about his sexual orientation.