Explain this Guess Who song to me

So what’s the story with the song(s) “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature”. My Rock and Roll radar says its about drugs, probably coke or heroin. Having never done either, I can’t say for sure if

that makes any sense or not. This isn’t a question for the ages or anything, but its got me scratchin my noggin.

LINK to song lyrics.

To me this song was always a toss up between a love song and a dope song. That was the perfect mix for a pop song when it was released (around 1969 I believe). If I remember right, a couple of the members of the Guess Who were confirmed heroin users at the time, so any reference to a “lady” could also be a reference to drugs.

I’ve never heard of any members of the Guess Who being confirmed heroin users and Randy Bachman who co-wrote the song was very heavily into Mormonism at the time, though he hadn’t coinverted yet, so I doubt the song is about drug use, let alone hardcore heroin use.

Well the song does contain the lyric “a bag of goodies and a bottle of wine, we’re gonna get it on right tonight”

I’m thinking drugs.

“Sudden darkness, but I can see” sounds like the person wants to cloud their vision via drugs, so to speak… just a guess.

Maybe the singer is trying to quit the drug:

“No sugar tonight (in my coffee)
No sugar tonight (in my tea)
No sugar to stand beside me
No sugar to run with me”

A quick Google search found this link from CTV news. From the page:

Looks like “No Sugar Tonight” isn’t about drugs at all.