Explain this Simpsons joke please

Sherlock Holmes admires your powers of deduction.

James Bond comes to you for advice about seducing women.

DaVinci has your paintings on his walls.

Edison asked if he can license your patents.

Peter Parker says you shouldn’t blame yourself, it wasn’t your fault.

Hulk Hogan respectfully requests you run wild on him.

Robert Wadlow looks up to you.

Phillip Glass would listen to your music over and over and over and over.


Of all the examples thus far, this one made me go :confused: and then :smiley: (<-------should be a laughing smiley).

Kerri Strug. Heh.

I actually did Google this, and there’s a Yahoo Answers page offering a different explanation: it’s not that you’re being praised by an expert, it’s that you know the compliement is sincere because Caesar wouldn’t praise anyone if he did not want to- because nobody could make him. I don’t know which derivation is more accurate.

Xzibit compliments your compliment.

Brutus praises your loyalty to a friend.

Oh, wait …

Chuck Norris is afraid of you.

Johnny Carson tells you, “That’s good stuff”.

Dear Abby asks you for advice.

Rod Blagojevich offers you a Senate seat.

OK, now you’ve gone too far!!

Xzibit wants you to pimp his ride. :smiley:

Are you going to trust us or a bunch of random idiots in the internet?

Hey, it’s gotten me this far! :smiley: