The Simpsons

I know this may sound a little vague, but i’m hoping that someone can help me get this stupid tune off my mind. In one of the Simpsons episodes, the nerdy comicbook store owner sings something to the tune of a Star Trek song. The only thing I can remeber is the ending which he says “Skinner”. I believe that the line comes from the episode where Lisa joins the “smart” society and the mayor skips town for some reason or another and Lisa’s group assumes the Mayor’s job.

Someone please help :slight_smile:

Can’t place the episode off the top of my head, but an excellent resource to check is the The Simpsons Archive. You can search the Episode Capsules they have which are basically transcipts of the show.

Hope it helps!

Well, the episode you’re talking about is called “They Saved Lisa’s Brain”. The only reference to the Comic Book Guy singing that I’ve been able to find is the following:

From The Simpsons Archive

Yes, that’s exactley it Trion. I got the “Hibbert” mixed up with “Skinner” but it is the song nontheless. Thanks so much.

Um, it works perfectly to the opening tune of Star Trek, in keeping with the comic book guy’s tradition…