Explain this Simpsons joke please

This was the episode where Bart gets medicated up to control his hyperactiveness, but then gets taken off the medication. He rebels, eats a bunch of them then steals a tank and goes on a rampage. At the end of the rampage, this conversation happens:

Nelson: (after Bart destroys a bunch of things in the tank) “You’ve raised the bar for all of us Simpson, and I thank you” (bows)
Bart: “Wow, praise from Caesar”
Nelson: “Huh?”

What does Bart mean by that?

Horace Satires 2.1.84: iudice laudatus Caesare “praised by such a judge as Caesar”

The Big Guy just said you rocked. Jimi liked your guitar chops. The Most Interesting Man In the World smiled at you.

Paris Hilton masturbated to your sex tape.

Donald Trump admired your haircut.

Robin Williams admired your energy.

Stephen Wright liked your stoic calm.

I can’t decide what’s more odd: that you had never heard that phrase before, that you couldn’t guess the meaning from the context, or that you didn’t Google it.

that would be

Brother’s Little Helper

So, you would be Nelson in that skit. :wink:

HA-HAA! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Praise from Caesar is praise indeed” is an old saying. It’s basically like saying “this is how I’d feel if Tiger Woods complimented my drive, or if Adele just told me I’ve got a great voice”- basically the compliment is all the more exalted because of the giver.

Meryl Streep is impressed by your Oscar collection.

Bill Gates thinks you’re rich.

John Lennon wants to write songs like yours.

Kerri Strug admires how you persevere in the face of adversity.

Keith Richards admires your drug taking capacities.

Woody Allen admires your ability to fuck younger women.

OJ Simpson admired your ability to get away with breaking the law.

Ron Jeremy thinks you’re well hung.

Esme Weatherwax asks you for advice.

Aphrodite is envious of your looks, but likes you too much to zap you.

Put simply, you are getting praise from the master of the thing you are doing or did.

I walked past some graffiti once that said “The cake is a lie!” and asked my Facebook friends what it meant, turns out 5 seconds on Google could have answered that.

I think sometimes the human species is still trying to comprehend the incredible utility of the internet.

♫One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn’t belong…♫

Cecil had a question for you.

Ted Williams admires your swing

Jackie Chan admires your ability to jump off walls

Cheech and Chong admire your…uh…I can’t remember man…

Seth MacFarlane admires your ability to flashback more than Hitler loved pandas having sex

Rick Perry admires your adherence to fundamentalist Christian principles.

Carl Sagan admires your rational skepticism.

Ayn Rand admires your selfishness.

Herman Cain admires your way with women.

Hillary Clinton admires your tenacity in obtaining power.

Rush Limbaugh admires your ability to keep your audience’s attention while spouting gibberish.

Snooki thinks you have a great tan.

I feel all dirty now.

Godot says he’ll wait for you.

Jesus asks you to forgive him for his sins.

Superman thinks better of tugging on your cape.