Extendo-punch; where can I get one?

I’m sure that I’m calling it by the wrong name, so I’ll just describe it: the item I’m looking for has a handle and a trigger of some kind, and when the trigger is used an ‘arm’ extends out with a sort of criss-cross scissors action, with a boxing glove on the end of it. I think something like it might have been in some old Lil’ Rascals films. Does anyone know what the heck I’m talking about, and does anyone know if such an item is for sale anywhere?

I know that the Acme corporation deals in such devices, but they also seem to have a lot of issues with product defects. Caveat emptor.

[Krusty]An Extend-o-glove? They haven’t made those since the war. [/K]

I’m beginning to think that may be true. A google search didn’t turn up more than the quote I already used. Even the coveted Stephen Hawking action figure has a rod and coil spring operated boxing glove.

I’ve never seen one IRL aside from tiny plastic toys. It’s not a practial weapon as a scissor action isn’t very strong against bending force from holding it sideways.

You might be better off finding a graspy one and sticking a boxing glove on it.