Extra traffic during sports events? Why?

Sometimes, during Monday Night Fooootball or bigbigbig baseball games, the SDMB is especially slow and cranky. My brain, working on the thunder=Thor, god of thunder mode, concludes:
a. SDMB techies are watching TV.
b. SD sports widows/widowers are passing the time while spouses are watching The Game.
c. Hamsters love sports.

Is any of this true? It would be slightly amusing if it were.

I’ll toss in my sig, to thumb my nose at the cute furry ones.:stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s the high-tech version of the ol’ toilet flushing phenomenon … :slight_smile:

Sorry, total hijack…

What’s the context behind your sig, AskNott? I recognize the badger thing; where’d the baseball part come from? I almost seems to fit the idiot A’s player who shoved the catcher and got tagged out.

Good morning,Troy McClure SF. I was referring to Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez of the Marlins, who has big arms and not many errors. The words seemed to fit the format of the badger thing, more than any particular player. After another few days, no baseball jokes will matter, and I’ll change it.