Extremely popular, or even legendary entertainers whose work you've never seen/heard

I may have heard Phillip Glass on NPR sometime, but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard any of his music.

Except for a couple of quick snippets, I’ve never heard any of Wilhelm Furtwangler or Arturo Toscanini recorded works.

I heard Justin Bieber on SNL once, but I didn’t pay that much attention. I’ve also never seen any of the Twilight movies and never intend to either.

Jerry Seinfeld

A lot of current TV shows like “Lost”, “American Idol”, “Survivor”

Meryl Streep. Everyone talks about how legendary she is but I just checked her IMDB resume and it consists of a bunch of films I’ve never heard of or have no interest in whatsoever. The only exception was Adaptation, which I did see, but don’t even remember her in it so there.

Linky. Crow’s beard slays me. :smiley:

Frank & Moonunit’s single “Valley Girl” made the US Top 40. If you were alive and awake in the 80’s you probably couldn’t have avoided it if you tried.

I’m kind of curious. How old are you?

After revolutionizing British agriculture Tull didn’t do much so you’re not missing anything.

Seconded. I couldn’t name a single film she’s appeared in.

I couldn’t care less and have never ever cared enough to experience:

That guy who bit the head off a bat (yes I could look him up, but, nah.)
Any heavy metal bad from the 80’s, 90’s or now, including Zepplin, Poison, Ratt, etc. If they had any crossover hits, I might be familiar with the song more than the band. Maybe the only one I remember at all is Quiet Riot, but they’re considered one hit wonders today.
Jim Hendrix
Doors (I don’t like mumbled songs)

Never seen any Humphrey Bogart film, haven’t seen any of The Godfathers, I’ve never heard an Abba song (that I know of), I have never watched a reality TV show of any kind, I have literally no idea who is who or what in politics and I know little of what’s happening in the outside world by way of news (I hear about celebrities dying either from Facebook or on here…if I didn’t go to ether site, I’d be unaware of any major news stories).

My suspicions confirmed.

Streep makes movies for adults. You were too young to appreciate them when they came out.

Yeah, all that senior citizen stuff just bores me to tears. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you know they are mumbled if you have never experienced them?

Never heard of either of them.

I offer up U2. I recognize Bono by sight, but I couldn’t tell you the name of any music by them or recognize anything to be by them.

The Doors were a bit too arty & burned out quickly. Or Morrison did; but I never thought he “mumbled.”

Hey, I just found a Houston Chronicle blog about my first real rock & roll show.

But I didn’t stop listening to new stuff at the end of the 60’s. Even if my own tastes tended toward World Music or Americana (before those genres were named), reading Creem for the quality of the writers kept me up with the louder bands. (Note to self: Self, try tuning Rhapsody.com & Pandora.com to some of the more newfangled stuff. And spend a bit of time on the cable music shows. I like Lady Gaga’s image, even if her music hasn’t made much of an impression.)

Who have I not seen in movies? Don’t think I’ve watched a Lillian Gish film all the way through…

Janis Joplin. I’m not even sure why she’s a legend.

I’ve also never seen a James Dean film.

I’ve got you all beat. I’ve never watched a movie or listened to a song in my life, nor do I want to, and I’m proud of it! I’m superior to everyone in the world except Helen Keller!! Bwa ha ha ha!!!

But you haven’t excluded TV. And you call yourself a superior. :dubious:

Hah - I’ve never even heard of the Internet.