What haven't you seen that everyone else has?

So, after years of random badgering and several months holding a friend’s DVD hostage, I have finally sat down and watched “The Usual Suspects” for the first time. Great movie, by the way, and no one spoiled it for me ahead of time, surprisingly.

This is one of those films that, when brought up, would cause people to gawk at me in amazement when they discovered I hadn’t seen it. Apparently, it’s just one of those movies you see, period. For the record, I get similar reactions when people find out I haven’t seen:

[li]Casablanca[/li][li]Gone With the Wind[/li][li]Sound of Music[/li][li]Any of the Godfather films[/li][li]Scarface[/li][/ul]
I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting.

So…what classic (or otherwise notable) films haven’t you seen that EVERYONE has seen?

I haven’t seen any of the LOTR movies. People always look at me like I have three heads when they find that out.

Add “The Wizard of Oz” and any Bond movie and I’m right in there behind you.

I’ve never seen any of the Rocky movies. I have nothing against them; somehow it just never happened. I’m sure I’d like the first one at least, and in a way I’m kind of saving it – for some future day when I feel like watching one of those Bonafide Classics That Everyone Likes that I haven’t seen yet.

Never saw Terminator 2 either. Until very recently I hadn’t even seen the first one, but I saw it recently and loved it. Heard the sequel’s even better – looking forward to it!

I haven’t seen any of the LOTR films either. Nor have I seen any of the Harry Potter flicks. I basically have no interest at all in sword-and-sorcery-type stuff.

I’ve never seen any of the American Pie films, nor have I seen more than a couple of the current crop of Jack Black/Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson/Will Farrell comedies.

While it may indeed be The Word, I never saw Grease until a couple of years ago.

One of the (female) trainees currently in the course I’m teaching happened to mention she has never seen a single episode of any Star Trek series, although she said she thought she might have seen one of the movies.

Star Wars. I tried watching one once when it was on tv but I got bored quickly.

Ok, I have seen two of the prequels. I knew they’d be bad but I was just bored. And that last one was hilarious.

*Citizen Kane *- just never really interested me in any way.

Almost everything that everybody else has seen. Name practically any pop culture iconic movie from the 1970s up, and I haven’t seen it. I had been to a theater five times (Babes In Toyland, Mary Poppins, The Sound Of Music, Let It Be, The Song Remains The Same) until I left home, and from then until my late 30s, I couldn’t afford the luxury of going to movies. I don’t have anything against movies, they’ve just never been part of my life. It never occurs to me to want to go. Last movie I wanted to see was “Ray.” I couldn’t identify most of the famous actors of the last 40 years by their photos.

I don’t want to watch people getting shot and blown up or slashed by crazed killers. I don’t care for space operas or faeries and elves, etc. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with anybody else liking them, nor the movies themselves; the subject matter just doesn’t appeal to me. That’s OK. I have other hobbies that take up all my time.

*The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Blade Runner

The Wizard of Oz*

any Bond film

I’ve got you all beat. Goonies.
(I strongly suspect I’m going to have my SDMB membership revoked for having revealed that.)

So…what classic (or otherwise notable) films haven’t you seen that EVERYONE has seen?

Lawrence of Arabia -which is awful because my sister has been trying to make me see it for 2-3 years.
Gone With the Wind -I honestly just don’t have any interest.
Any ‘classic’ Bond film- I’ve seen some of the Pierce Bond movies but none of the Connory ones.
Scarface- I think the show “Cribs” has just completely turned me off from ever seeing this.
Gladiator- I’ve never understood why I should care about this movie.
Beautiful Mind- It was ruined for me and I once again just don’t have any interest.
10 Commandments- Moses and I have had a falling out and I refuse to support him by seeing it. Honestly though, I just don’t find stories from the Bible that interesting.

I’m obsessed with almost anything '80s and I still haven’t watched Goonies except for random small parts on TV.

Godfather 2 and 3

Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio makes me want to hurl.

Haven’t seen any of the modern age of gross-out comedies except about 30 minutes of Meet the Parents, which was about as funny (or gross) as a below-average SNL sketch.

My Jack Black experience is limited to The School of Rock, which I actually liked.

The Aristocats was the last animated Disney spectacular I gave a wet crap about.

I would rather actually be tortured and eaten than watch any of the Hannibal Lecter films.

I’ve seen Scarface several times, both the 1932 original and the 90-second Pacino cut. That’s all anyone needs to see.

Gozu Tashoya, Seymour Gams – you are not alone. I third Goonies.

And I’ll be perfectly content to die without ever having seen Titanic.

I have never nor will I ever watch any of the Star Trek/Star Wars movies. I have never had any interest in this movie genre. I have never seen any of the LOTR or Harry Potter movies either.

Pirates of the Caribbean, the first one.

I’ve still never seen “The Godfather” or any of its sequels.

Flashdance, Fame, and Grease.