Extremely rare things that have happened to you ... twice.

I have hit a bird in flight with my car … twice
I have been engaged to a woman before we went on out first date … twice. And no it was not mail-order brides or pre-arranged marriages.

That tid-bit was more interesting than the topic of this thread! Good thing my Google-fu is strong. Good stories. :smiley:

Now I want to know what you Googled

Fourth and fifth hit for me:

I have been engaged to a woman before we went on out first date twice “saint cad” site:http://boards.straightdope.com/

Not me personally, but a family friend found black widow spiders in his grapes twice. :eek:

I was supposed to hook up with my wife in a small town in Mississippi. The house was way out in the woods. I was coming in from Gulfport about 200 miles away. She was visiting a cousin. I had no idea of the address or even where the town was. Taking the scenic route and traveling as many backwoods roads as I could I drove right past the house and she was standing in the driveway.

And that happened twice? (the point of the thread)

Not sure hitting a bird in flight with a car is that rare. I’ve done it four times and my daughter once. Also hit three birds in flight while flying an Army helicopter.

The engagement thing seems a bit rare though.

What happened after you hit your daughter? Was she okay?

Upon exiting a plane at a foreign airport, I saw a high school classmate sitting in the waiting area, preparing to board the plane I just left.

About ten years later, I saw the same classmate waiting to board a plane I had just exited. It happened in a different country this time, but still, the odds against this happening twice have to be pretty darn high.

Can’t think of any real-world examples so here’s one from a video game.

While playing Stardew Valley, I had discovered every artifact for the museum collection, except one: the Dinosaur Egg. I wasn’t too concerned since you can find dinosaur eggs just about anywhere, including fishing (although the chance is low – 0.18% in a treasure chest) so I spent most of my spare time fishing.

At long last, I finally reeled in a treasure chest with a Dinosaur Egg.

On the very next cast, I caught another Dinosaur Egg.

According to my (very sketchy) math, the chances of that happening are 3,240,000 to 1.

Been personally interviewed for jobs by tech billionaires.

Been caught very near a tornado while alone with my mother and a toy mouse. The second time, I’d had a prophetic dream the night before.

I had chicken pox twice.

(Nowadays it’s rare to have chicken pox, though not back when I had it. But still…)

I’ve only hit a flying bird once with my car, but it was an owl so I feel that should be worth extra rareness points.

I’ve hit three flying birds with my car, all of which were on the same day, two of which were within 5 miles and 10 minutes.

Woke up in the middle of the night, heard a far-off popping noise (not loud enough by itself to account for waking me), got curious and looked out the window, and saw a fire the next street over. Turned out to be the neighbor’s garage.

A few years later, living in an apartment, I got woke up by an idiot from my employer’s answering service who refused to believe I wasn’t the person he was supposed to have called. Annoyed and unable to get back to sleep, I wandered into the living room without turning on the light. When I walked past the window, which was covered by a blind and heavy drapes, something made me turn around and whip the curtain aside. The neighbor’s garage was on fire.

A couple of years later, I was moving back to my childhood home to live alone. I was up late unpacking, and again I decided it was a good time to look out the window. The people across the street had been burning leaves, the fire had rekindled…and was headed for their garage.

My sister, meanwhile, has on two different occasions looked out the window and seen a tornado coming towards her. Both times it went around where she was. The running joke for a while was that we needed to live next door to our worst enemies.

I thought of another one, which was more tragic. A couple I was acquainted with had two children. Each child had a rare genetic illness which the parents were unaware that they were carriers for. The thing was, it was two completely separate illnesses. The first child died. I think the second survived with serious disabilities.

There were no other known cases of either illness in either the mother’s or father’s families, although it was possible that there had been some infant deaths that had not been diagnosed in previous generations. Since this was a very small rural town, the expectation was that the couple must be related; however, when they went through genetic counseling after the first child, no common relatives were found. That was before dna testing was available, though, so it’s quite possible there was some hidden link between them.

Don’t know how rare it is, really, but I’ve been hit in the head with bird poop twice, and once had it land on my leg.

I watched two car fires in just a few days, but that’s boring.

Last fall, I was standing in my driveway and saw something in my tree. Kinda looked like a banana. But that wouldn’t make sense, would it. There’s no bananas in trees in Wisconsin, in fall, in Ginkgo trees. Got up a little closer…it was half a poppy seed bagel.

A few weeks later, I got home from work and in my driveway, I found half a loaf of bread.

The bar I spend some time was raising money to help someone in need. They had a drawing for a very nice basket of booze. I bought a ticket and won.

A few months later, and a different drawing with the prize a huge Guinness mirror. I bought a ticket and won. I took a lot of shit, mostly good natured.

Nearly a year later, a third drawing with a nice prize. I bought a ticket. The manager called to inform me my ticket had been drawn. I asked him to redraw and not tell anyone I was the original winner.