EXTREMELY Violent, Pornographic, or In Really REALLY Poor Taste PC Games?

In this thread we’re discussing the fact that platform developers (Sony, Nintendo) have veto power over the content of games released for their consoles, but that the PC market is basically wide open.

I’m curious: have there been any games for the PC that have been pornographic (like, for real pornographic and not Leisure Suit Larry risqué) or in exceptionally poor taste (like an RPG that includes your character waterboarding a Taliban detainee or abducting children or something)?

FTR, I saw a lof of righteous indignation on some morning news show about an upcoming Xbox title: Rendition: Guantanamo.

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I think The Grapist, on PS3 fits the bill for all three.

For violet pornography, I’ve certainly seen some Warcraft themed stuff…but nothing official.

Do any games contain purple prose?

The answer is obviously yes… and no.

There are plenty of weird porno games floating out there. Most notably “visual novels” from Japan that involve point and click adventuring culminating with a bunch of sex scenes. Go to J-List and search their ero game listings. It’ll make your stomach turn when you realize most of the characters are supposed to be between 14 and 15 (aged up to 18 for the American translation).

But… these games don’t really exist in any real way. Most game sites refuse to even cover them (because most are little more than digital comics of dirty Choose Your Own Adventure-style stories) and most gamers have no idea they even exist.

A few games have dealt with pornographic themes in a more video game manner including Lula 3D, Playboy: The Mansion (Uncut Version) and Singles. Basically, they’re all poor Sims knockoffs with loads of sex.

As for Rendition: Guantanamo, the whole thing was blown way out of proportion and that article is rife with errors. For one, there is considerable debate about whether the game had even entered production yet, and an “October release” would have been completely out of the question. Two, the detainee consultant they hired would not have starred in the game, he was only a consultant. The game’s star was a nameless figure trapped in the prison in the year 2050, decades after the US had given up on Gitmo because torture is wrong. The antagonists were to be an evil SPECTRE-style terrorist organization and the detainee would have escaped from the prison by shooting terrorists.

Some so much that they could be considered ultra-violet.

Well, going back to consoles, there’s always the Atari 2600 legendary title “Custer’s Revenge” where the entire point of the game is to make your way across the screen and rape the indian woman.

PC-wise, “Postal” may well be the best known/most widely distributed of the ultra-violent games, though “Super Columbine Massacare” may well beat it out on the tasteless scale.

As far as poor taste goes, I understand that neonazi types have created concentration camp simulations.

Oh come on, I know Maxis screwed up on Spore and all, but we’re calling them neo-Nazis now?


JFK Reloaded?

(Once you got over the creepiness factor and decided to just start blasting away, it ended up being more entertaining than it had any right to be.)

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Having recently played Prototype, I can assure you that this game is ultra violent as well. Taking place on manhatten island during a zombie infection, you spend the game killing thousands of innocent bystanders trying to escape, as well as thousands of members of the military trying to contain the virus. Not just killing them, but consuming them(which gets you health), as well as their memories. A few of the military and doctors you have to consume are truly bad people, but most are just doing their jobs, shitty as they are.

But why worry about that when you can throw someone against another person so hard they both explode into a bloody mess? :smiley:

Do you get to grape people in the mouth (SFW, sorta) in the game?

Yes, there have been and still are pornographic computer games. This ought to be no surprise: virtually every new communications technology (VHS, 900-numbers, the Internet, the printing press, etc) is quickly used for and in many cases driven by pornography. Some of the first multimedia CD-ROM games with full motion video were pornographic. Very early personal computer games featured several entries in the strip poker genre, and I have distinct memories of playing a game on an ancient black-and-white Mac where you had the option of using several different toys on an on-screen virtual woman, who’d moan or complain depending on how well you did it. Any well-stocked adult toy shop will probably have a shelf of CD-ROM or DVD-ROM interactive games.

You will not see these in major retailers because, among other reasons, the producerrs don’t bother to pay the fee to have them rated by the ESRB, and most of them would be rated AO (adults only) anyway. Software retailers generally will not stock unrated or AO-rated titles. (To tie this back into the other thread, the Xbox 360 requires an ESRB rating be attached to every title, and it also will not run AO-rated titles.)

There’s always Rapelay.

THIS. :o


There was a now infamous game (I think it was for PC) called General Custer’s Revenge, in which gamers played the eponymous General as he sprinted across a battlefield with a huge errection leading the way. His goal? The naked Native American woman tied to a stake on the other end of the screen.

I only wish I was making this up. I think the game’s practically won awards for the most racist, sexist, offensive game around.

Is the game only racist because the woman is a Native American? That doesn’t make it racist. It could just as easily be claimed to be anti-Anglo-Saxon for portraying white men as rapacious bastards.

I remember reading one time about a duo of cute little blonde blue-eyed girls with a white-supremacist band called Prussian Blue, and how in their spare time they liked to play some kind of neo-Nazi computer game. But I can’t remember what it was called, and Google isn’t helping. All I remember was being quite disgusted by it at the time.