Eyelash Hair vs. Scalp Hair

While I am perfectly satisfied with my eyelashes, I’m intrigued by the commercials for Latisse, the prescription medication for growing longer, thicker eyelashes. I understand that hair grown on different parts of the body has differing structures and functions. I don’t understand how the basic process of growing hair on the eyelid differs from growing hair on the pubis or the scalp. In other words, applying Latisse to your scalp presumably wouldn’t do any good. If there were a form of Rogaine that didn’t inflame the eye, would it help the eyelash-challenged? Or does Rogaine only help re-grow hair on the scalp?

I vaguely recall complaints when Rogaine–then Rx only–first appeared on the market that if it dripped onto the face, men were experiencing hair growth on that part of the face. I always envisioned someone parting the hair on his nose. Thoes complaints seemed to indicate that hair growth was hair growth, no matter where on the body the hair was.

So what’s the deal here? Why would hair on different body parts respond differently to different medication?

I don’t know that Latisse won’t grow hair on other parts of the body, it’s just that it’s only approved for that use, because that’s all it’s been tested for. It’s another use of a glaucoma medication. Eyelash growth was a side effect noted by some users.

In fact, in the linked Wikipedia article, hair growth in other places, like the cheeks, is listed as one of the possible side effects of the glaucoma medicine.

bah, another peeve of mine.

My hubby has alopecia, no hair. He is missing his eyelashes [and everything else] and he has issues with eye irritation becaues one function of the eyelashes is to filter out the crap before it gets into the eye and help the eyelids sweep stuff away.

Why would you willingly put something on that can change your eye color [and frankly who knows what other ill effects you can end up with. It isnt like it has decades of common use around to fall back on] for making yourself pretty? Just like those morons who tattooed on the eyeliner or lip liner to discover that they had bad reactions to the ink, or Michael Jackson’s nose [or Jocelyn the over operated on lady’s face]

I can see trying to regrow eyelashes if you are missing them, hell Rob tried to regrow his nose hairs before giving up just so he could filter the air on the way in to reduce sinus infections, or plastic surgery to fix a birth defect or accidental deformation, or surgical deformation - but just because you don’t like something?!