Will this make eyelashes grow?

Namely, castor oil, applied with a Q-tip? I read about this in some magazine, it was supposed to be a natural remedy. Does it work for sparse fine lashes? Are there any other remedies that work? Just curious…

You can always get a prescription for Latisse.

Fine print: “Pigmentation of the eyelid and iris may occur. Pigmentation of the iris may be permanent … Typically, the brown pigmentation around the pupil spreads concentrically towards the periphery of the iris and the entire iris or parts of the iris become more brownish.”

I guess it’s only for serious cases of eyelash deficiency, but the commercials sure don’t make it sound that way.

Frankly, if it’s going to do stuff to my actual EYE, rather than just my eyelashes, I think I’d pass.

That’s what I thought this thread was going to be about - I saw that commercial yesterday, too. Permanently stain my iris? Well, I have brown eyes, so probably not a big deal for me, but I too agree that doing permanent stuff to my actual eye is not cool. I expected the list of side effects to include heart attacks, anal leakage and death, like they usually do.

Latisse is more often known as Lumigan (aka bimatoprost), an eyedrop prescribed for people with high eye pressure/glaucoma. The iris color changing is a known possible side effect of it, but some patients reported that they got long lashes. Voila, a new possible application! Testing followed, and Latisse is dispensed not as an eyedrop to put into the eye (which could screw with your eye pressure and cause other side effects for no good reason), but in little tubes with applicators to apply above the lash line only, rather like you’re putting on eyeliner.

It’s not permanent, either. You have to keep using it, else the next replacement eyelashes will be normal again.

(I work in ophthalmology, IANAD/N, I don’t deal with Latisse or Lumigan.)

Well now I am curious too. I use a 3-1 combination of castor oil and olive oil as a pre-shave oil, and it is awesome. I have not noticed any increase in facial hair, but then again I also shave. I might have to start monitoring my irises now.

Can’t answer the OP but I’ve used Latisse for the last 7 months with no side effects but long, luxurious lashes and a lighter wallet.

What you are attempting to achieve in fact is to stop the lashes falling out as they get longer, so that the average length is greater.

Whether castor oil will achieve that I don’t know, it obviously depends on why they are falling out now. Perhaps it will kinda glue the dodgy ones in place for a bit longer and so have some sort of effect for you.

But you also mention that your eyelashes are fine; are you perhaps loading them up with mascara to make them more noticeable? If so that would almost certainly cause them to drop out sooner, due to the extra weight. If so you have a choice between short and thin, or long and thin, lashes.