Non-scalp application of minoxidil

The package directions for minoxidil are quite clear that it is to be used on the scalp and not elsewhere?

Why? If one were to use it in hopes of filling in a bare patch on a sideburn or moustache, would it be dangerous? Less effective? Or did the nice testers only submit information about the scalp to the FDA?

Well Manny the reason minoxidil is not used on other parts of the body is because it is only used to stop the current hair you have from falling out. There is no immaculate conception for a folicle if you use minoxidil…Sorry…So you may have to just keep shav’in and wait for your beard to come in…I didn’t know we let twelve year olds on the boards…hehehehe :slight_smile: jk

I remember reading about the discovery of minoxidil’s hair-prowess, and IIRC it could increase hair production anywhere.

In the clinical tests, runoff promoted hair growth in less desireable places, like on the ears and the back of the neck. Now this may be because there are already hairs there, and the minox turned the peach fuzz to wild hairs.

I’m guessing from my limited knowledge of the regulatory process that since the product was tested with baldness in mind, it was never tested (on a full clinical basis) on other parts of the body. So, a giant CYA in case someone decides he wants a thicker plume of pubic hair and discovers that the alcohol base causes dryness and itching on his scrotum.

Common sense would lead you to believe that if it’s safe for the head, it shoud be safe elsewhere. But as always, try a small inconspicuous spot first!

Manny, anecdotally, patients on minoxidil have LOTS of hair all over. And a fellow doc who applied it to his face to make his beard thicker got the desired effect and more. The usually fine, unnoticeable hairs just under his lower eyelids came in much more thickly, and he had to shave that area until the minoxidil wore off.

phlosphr, you are incorrect. Minoxidil causes all existing hair follicles to tend to put out thicker hairs. And most of the body’s skin surface is covered with hair follicles, save the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Therefore minoxidil works just fine to make beards more luxuriant, and is even marketed for such an effect in some countries.

Just a question-could minoxidil make my hair thicker and stronger?

I have nice hair, but it’s so straight and baby fine…it hangs like limp seaweed if I don’t curl it. Could minoxidil give it body?

Yes, Guin, it might.

phlosphr, I should say that only part of your answer is incorrect. Your reply that minoxidil does not make new follicles is quite on the money. Sorry 'bout that.

I was just in a funny mood. I was not being fully serious… I also just learned something. Thanks Q

So is there any other way to get hair to grow on my palms, except for the traditional method?

– CH