Eyes 4/13/04

Harlan (Tim Daly) hooking up with his estranged wife – anybody else think that pretty blatently sexual considering the only skin shown was facial? Oooooh, baby.

Perhaps I’m just not Doper material. 2005, it’s 2005. :smack:

First I can’t get the hang of the quote thing, now I can’t get the hang of thread titles.


Yes, Noodles, it was pretty damn hot. Of course, any sex scene with Kate Walsh is by definition hot.

Good episode. Daly and Worthy have the most juice. It’s so much fun watching them on screen together, but they’re so good that any scene without one of them suffers by the comparison. The show might benefit from them not always working the same case (like in the pilot). OTOH, they’re really great playing off each other, so who knows.


I’m starting to like this show; sort of a high-tech, ensembled-based Rockford Files. Tim Daly isn’t as cool as James Garner, but then again, who is? I missed the pilot, but caught the last two episodes.

They didn’t do enough with the aviation side of things. When they were showing the graphic of how far the plane could have gotten, it was just concentric circles around Los Angeles, which doesn’t take into account that there isn’t any place to refuel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And to get that kind of range, the plane would have to have been at an altitude where it would have been followed by air traffic control. (Just taking off from an airport that close to L.A. would have probably put it on somebody’s scope.) That would seem tailor-made for the sort of high-tech computer cracking they’ve used before. But they never pursued any of those angles.

And I knew something was fishy when the head of the company said they didn’t have the money to keep up the insurance on the plane. Earlier, one of them had said they had 1,200 advance orders.

It was a nice touch using the episode title “Wings”.

May have to find the “Babe-alicious Brainiacs” thread and include A.J. Langer in it.

This is the first episode I’ve caught, and I liked it quite a bit.

I was unclear about some backstory that was probably dealt with in the first two episodes – who was the guy who bugged Tim Daly’s (wife’s?) house? His ex-boss, I gather – but what’s the deal there.

The ex-boss is Clay Burgess. Judd quit working for him (some time ago, presumably) because he didn’t like Burgess’s methods or clients, although they still sorta get along personally.

In the pilot it’s revealed that Burgess has been trying to take over Judd Risk Management, and he tried running a scam to do so with an ex-JRM employee which Judd foiled. It was based in part on the fact that Burgess knew that Chris (Judd’s partner on the airplane case) had a breakdown and was in briefly institutionalized a year or so ago. (Also, Chris is gay.)

The pilot also reveals that Nora is a mole for Burgess (you saw the scene with her in his office this ep when he mentions her brother). Judd realized that there had to be a mole and tasked Jeff (who wasn’t in this ep) to find it. Jeff figured out it was Nora and tried to shake her down. She shot his ear off and he promised to let the matter drop.

Jeff also was the one having the affair with Trish (the blonde with the big schnozz). Her husband Danny (mentioned this ep) appeared in the pilot and took off when he discovered their affair.


Damn. Sounds like I missed some stuff. Thanks, Cliffy!

The sex scene was, indeed, very hot. I loves me some Tim Daly. This is what, the third episode? And he’s already sprinted past all contenders and settled comfortably into the hotly contested number 2 slot on my Fantasy Five.

And it looks like I was right – Burgess is blackmailing Nora into working for him by using her brother.

Pardon my ignorance, but what show are you talking about? It sounds like something I’d like to check out.

Eyes, Wednesdays at 10:00 (probably 9:00 Central) on ABC.

Out of curiousity, which part of the above descriptions made you want to watch it? Seems like everybody’s describing it a little bit differently.

Thanks, Robot Arm.

None of the descriptions in particular. I was just surprised that I hadn’t heard of this show. And if at least a few dopers like it, it can’t be too bad.

I’m half-convinced that Nora is working for Judd’s mole, and is only pretending to sell out to Burgess. Just a hunch at this point, but the revelation this ep taht she’s being coerced into it is a point in its favor, I think.

Jeff was given a test. He failed. What that means for him remains to be seen.

Interesting. I’d be surprised if that’s the case, especially since it seems obvious to me from the pilot that Jeff was originally supposed to die at the end but that someone (either MacNamara, the studio or the network) liked Eric Maibus so much that they rewrote history and Andy Renko’d him when the show was picked up.


Seconded! :smiley:

I’m so happy to see him back on TV … and IMHO he has aged very, very well. I think he’s even hotter now than he was on Wings, and he was always my favorite on that show (but I’ve also always appreciated Steven Weber – though, while still attractive, he hasn’t aged quite as well as Daly ;)). It’s how I feel about Pierce Brosnan, too: he was hot on Remington Steele, but was even hotter once he’d aged a little bit. I likes my men a little less baby-faced. :slight_smile:

Hmm. Nora is quite the interesting character. :slight_smile: I tend to think that she really is selling out, but completely under duress (as noted). I do agree that Jeff failed a test, though, and that there will be consequences. I think that Nora’s heart is with Harlan, and I like that now she knows about Jeff’s moral … well, complete lack of morals.

Yeah? I didn’t get that. Interesting. :slight_smile: While I was surprised to see him alive in #2, the thing about Nora’s brother this week made me understand why she only wounded Jeff instead of killing him. I like that this show isn’t afraid to reveal its layers gradually.

In the pilot, it loked to me like Nora’s gun was clearly pointed at Jeff’s throat; also, the shot of his head jerking backwards that’s been in the last two Previouslies was not in the pilot.