Eyes - series premiere 3-31

Wow, what a nice surprise, I absolutely loved it. Great cast (including guest cast), great dialogue and scams and counter-scams galore. Thought the ending absolutely rocked!

Is THAT going to be its regular time slot? Up against the newest installment of the rising CSI empire and the fading-but-potent granddaddy of the Law & Order empire? Jesus Christ, what did Tim Daly do to deserve that?

Just my opinion - but if Eyes holds up to the promise of its premiere, it’s by far the better show than either CSI NY (which I never got into) or L&O Version 1.0 (which I quit watching after Benjamin Bratt left). Normally, I turn off the TV after Alias (and sometimes after Lost)!

I liked it too. I’ve always liked Tim Daly anyway, but I thought the rest of the cast was excellent as well. I particularly enjoyed the guy who played the cuckolded husband – don’t know his name, but I’ve enjoyed his work in everything I’ve ever seen him in (most recently a TV-movie with Tom Selleck in which he played the villain). Also liked the scams, liked the black dude’s confrontation with the skinhead a lot, and loved the ending.

I enjoyed it as well. I had no idea it was on, didn’t see any advance advertising, only an ad or two last night. I thought the shooting was a bit too reminiscent of The Shield, with a character who looks like a major point of conflict being shot and killed. At least, I assume this guy was shot and killed… I liked the Nazi scene… Who am I? Am I a cop? Do you see a badge? He he he.

I look forward to seeing it next week.

I turned my head at the end. Who was shot? The witness?

Don’t read if you haven’t seen the pilot, which was really good!

[spoiler]After Jeff (Eric Maibus) confronts Nora (Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon) at the bar that she’s the mole, she says they can’t talk in public and should go back to his place. He then puts the squeeze on her, saying that while Judd (Daly) gave him the mole-hunt job, he’s actually perfectly happy to help her sell Judd out, if he gets to be a partner in the new operation. Then she shoots him, apparently to death. Finally, we see a scene of Danny (the cuckhold) playing the tapes he made of Jeff and his wife.

The trend these days is always to kill someone who looks like a regular in the pilot (Buffy, CSI, Alias and arguably LOST all did so). I knew that’s where we were heading, but I figured it was going to be Danny, especially since a lot of the interviews mentioned Eric Maibus’s character so much. That appears now to have been a work, and it fished me in, that’s for sure. (Although I did also read somewhere that Maibus really will be a continuing character, so maybe he’s not really dead.)[/spoiler]

I too thought the show was great. Lots of back and forths well-enough played to keep you guessing. A gay character who has a bio longer than “He’s gay.” Good acting so far, and Daly is really fun as the perpetually-amused Harlan Judd. Rick Worthy was great, especially when he turned on the crazy with that neo-nazi. I’d like to see more of Beauvais (ideally in her underwear, but even if she’s fully clothed), but I’m sure we will; it’s a large enough cast that it’s tough to get everyone developed in the pilot.

I was very interested in this show before I saw the pilot, now I’m really interested.


I liked the pilot, but I didn’t realize until today how much I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode. Last week was great.

Re Jeff:

Acc. to USA Today, she didn’t kill Jeff. He’s alive and well but scared shitless of Harlan’s trusted friend, Nora, who is actually the mole.

I liked the show as well. Tim Daly does it for me, in a major way. Now I have two of the hottest actors back on t.v.: Tim Daly and Matthew Fox. I love my DVR.

Drat drat drat.

I hate how spoilers show up in email notifications. Curse it.

If I had to hazard a guess…

Anyone see last night’s ep? SPOILERS

It wasn’t quite as strong as the pilot, but still very good, and Daly’s character really is an interesting one. I wasn’t terriby surprised that they ended up diming both Brand and Travis, but I was certainly curious as to whether they would. Rick Worthy’s character is really interesting too. So far, Nora is mostly just a pair of legs, but it’s early yet, and it’s also interesting that she seemed honestly to give a crap about helping Oliver, which is somewhat incongruous given what else we know about her.


I like the ebb and flow, and character interaction. I wasn’t thrilled with the court subplot. They go trial over something serious when there is a reliable person who can provide a rock solid alibi for the defendant? That’s just bizarre.

Loved the phony passport bit. I’ll keep watching.

I’m glad that they didn’t use a plot “twist” where the girlfriend was actively involved in the kidnapping.

I was expecting it, so I’m glad, too. If I’m expecting something, it’s way easy and obvious.

Glad that Jeff’s still alive and kicking. I hope he’s not really going to roll over and play dead just because a piece of his ear got shot off.

What about the credible threat to kill his mother and sister? That should give even a sleazeball something to think about.

He’ll just have to be clever and figure out a better end play. It’s too juicy a storyline just to leave there like a whipped dog.

Big time. I loved the scene in the last ep where the Girlfriend slaps Dr. Asshole and Judd says, with an absolutely adorable smile on his face, “That was awesome.” Damn, what a cutie – PunditLisa, I’ll arm-wrestle you for him.

I like Nora too – I wonder if the Baddie has forced her to turn on Judd by threatening her family?

It would be great if this show had the same time slot as “Blind Justice”. :smiley: