F***in' Little Yippy DOG!

Since the beginning of this month, the weather has been beautiful. Warm, but not hot, with a pleasant soft breeze which brings the scent of the blooming spring flowers wafting up to my open windows. I’ve been most pleased not to have to run the air conditioner for the monetary savings, but also because of the lovely fresh air.

No longer. I’m considering closing them and cranking my stereo as loud as it will go. See, there’s this goddamn annoying yippy dog who hasn’t stopped yapping for five days now. *It doesn’t sleep. *

I love dogs. Dopers who recognize me from my numerous posts about our canine companions can attest to that. I don’t hate the dog. I hate its owners. I fall asleep imagining horrible fates which could befall them, tortures which would make Saddam shake his head and say, “Damn, girl, you’re mean.”

Yipe, yipe, yipe. Pause. Yipe, yipe, yipe. Pause. Yipe, yipe, yipe. I wake to its dulcet tones, and its voice is the last thing I hear before finally managing to drift off to sleep. I woke suddenly in the middle of the night last yesterday. Something was amiss-- the dog was not yiping. After a few moments, it started up again, and I knew what had woken me. It was the unaccustomed sound of silence.

I can hear it now, as I type this. If I hadn’t been hearing the sound for the last five days, I would assume that it was the sound of a dog in pain, but, no, that’s just its usual bark. Yipe, yipe, yipe.

On occasion, my dogs take umbrage with this constant yiping and will jump up on to the top of the couch and shout out the windows, I assume: “Shut UP! Shut UP!” Of course, I always make them stop, because there’s nothing more annoying than having to listen to a dog barking.

I don’t know where it lives. Somewhere in the neighborhood behind my house. I thought about calling the cops, but I know from prior experience that this can lead to repercussions. (And I’m sure closer neighbors have already complained. How could they not?) Hubby suggested we don black clothing last night and go rescue the dog, but that’s not practical either.

I’m reduced to gnashing my teeth and praying that it will grow out of it, or become so hoarse that it can no longer yipe. Thankfully, I’ve started to ignore it, sort of like the background music to my life. For long periods of time, I don’t hear it, then something will bring it into sharp focus again, and I’ll start wishing that the neighborhood could come together in a good ole fashioned mob, complete with pitchforks and torches.

Yipe, yipe, yipe. ARRRRGH!

Could be worse. Could be a pack of little dogs.

Or even worse than that: a flock of guinea fowl. Although at least with the guinea fowl you’d get eggs.

If it’s barking constantly and sounds like it’s pain or scared, it may have been abandoned by its former owners. It might be worth calling the police to go check it out.

Maybe it stumbled across some puppy uppers.

hehehe. People always ask about “doggie downers” (yes, they exist) and about “puppy prozac” (yes, prozac has veterinary uses). Well, a youngish dog owner asked me yesterday if there were such a thing as “doggie E” on the market. No, there is not, I told him;)

As far as the barking, I would call the police and screw the repercussions.

Yeah, try feeding it Doggy Downers. I here you can hide them in Combos.

What repercussions would calling the cops result in?

Ooooh, I saw that happen on TV once. Two really inept guys and a lady were out getting a little yipping dog.

As I recall, it didn’t work out for them. But it might work if your husband isn’t named Kramer or Newman.

I’d guess Lissa is worried that a feud woud ensue.

Or peacocks. errr-AAAAH! errr-AAAAH! errr-AAAAH! errr-AAAAH! errr-AAAAH! errr-AAAAH! errr-AAAAH! errr-AAAAH!

loud enough to divert 747’s flying overhead.

Can you tell if the dog is being left outside day and night? If so, this is one of my pet (no pun intended) peeves. Why in hell have a companion animal if you are going to banish it to the outside? We’re not talking about a farm dog here, or even one which prefers the outside. What we got here is an animal who’s instincts are to be part of a pack and it’s in isolation. I’d bark, too. :mad:

Can’t you call the Humane Society?

In our old neighborhood, we had a dog that WOULD. NOT. QUIT. BARKING.EVER!

Talking to the owner did not help. We were fortunate, in that we didn’t hear it all the time. However, several neighbors around us complained to the Humane Society. The Humane Society contacted the dog’s owner and told them of the complaints. They also issued a warning concerning what would happen if more complaints were received.

Sadly, they ended up getting rid of the dog.

I called the cops on my neighbors with barking dogs three times and haven’t heard a peep out of them since.

Of course, the day after the last time, one of my very tacky, cool-kitsch Christmas decorations disappeared out of my front lawn. Maybe it was a coincidence.

My first thought is that the dog has been abandoned or something (maybe they went on a vacation and left it outside?). Call animal control or something, just in case that’s the case.

I, too, hate the yippers. My dogs have big, sonorous, baritone barks, but I’m still very aware of their barking, and if they’re on a roll, I bring them inside. And beat them (just kidding). So I try to be a good dog owner. But the yippers really do grate.

I’ve always wondered how well this thingy works, but fortunately, we don’t have a frequent enough problem in my hood to warrant its purchase. The yipper would have to be within 65 feet for it to work.

No, I can’t. I have no idea where the dog is. It could be in a house, barking out the window for all I know.

My first thought is that the dog has been abandoned or something (maybe they went on a vacation and left it outside?). Call animal control or something, just in case that’s the case.

Our local animal control is somewhat. . . ineffective. My aunt once had a vicious dog which took up residence in her barn. Every time she went outside, it was like Cujo: she would have to run for the car to avoid being torn apart by the snarling, feriocious creature. She had two small kids-- this couldn’t go on. She called Animal Control, and after about half a dozen calls and a week or two of near-misses, they brought out a live trap, which the dog studiously ignored. Desperate, she finally called my grandfather who came over and shot it. She called them and told them, and it was another week before they came to get the trap.

Now, don’t get me wrong-- they’re good, well-intentioned folks who work there. They’re just massively overwhelmed and poorly funded. It’s just in this case, the dog would likely die of old age before anyone got around to checking on it.

Exactly. I’ve been through a similar experience, and I don’t want to repeat it.

Bored dogs bark and dogs who aren’t exercised. Currently on TV we are enjoying The Dog Whisperer - I am totally amazed at the number of dog owners who don’t realise that you need to exercise your dog daily!!