Fables Ozma and OZ

I just read the latest trade paperback #19 which has two stories, one taking place in OZ and the other back in the mundy world where Ozma is a regular character. I was hoping that Ozma would somehow get involved in the Oz storyline. Taking care of Oz is her job.

Not only does Ozma not show up in the Oz story, I cannot remember a single instance where she thought of Oz or had a throwaway line that she has tried to go back to Oz but has been unsuccessful. Dorothy, her best friend has been part of the Cinderella storyline but Ozma never shows up and Dorothy never mentions her. It just seems odd.

Has there been any reference Ozma and Oz in the storyline that I missed?

I haven’t bought the book you mentioned yet, but Ozma fled Oz as a refugee long ago and I’m sure considers Fabletown her true community now. Also, I’m sure she knows nothing of either Oz-related matter you mention: Cinderella’s status as Fabletown’s James Bond is unknown to almost everyone, and Bufkin didn’t return to Oz until the business office got cut off from the rest of Fabletown (and even then, he did so accidentally. When he was told that climbing the big tree would lead him home, he was surprised to find himself in Oz, he had assumed he would get back to Fabletown - similar to the first thing I said, about Ozma).

Everything you say is true but Ozma is not just a refugee. She was queen and protector. As much as she may think of Fabletown as home she should still consider Oz her responsibility. There are other royal characters that this applies to as well. A couple of panels between her and Old King Cole on the subject would be a nice touch.