Face it boys: My IQ is likely higher than your body weight.

I started a thread on here a few months ago bitching about getting harrassed at school. I can’t be arsed to go find it. But the gist of it was that my friend Ben excommunicated me from his lunch table, and I began sitting with these jockish types. I decided that they were morons, and I sat elsewhere again. Finally I got fed up with lunch, and arranged things so that I go home for lunch. Even had the doctor approve it. School anxiety, basically.

Fast forward to yesterday. The harassment had come down to two boys, Isaiah and Jordan, and was done in the class they both had me in, Spanish. I also have Isaiah alone in Geometry. They both kept being assholes to me and generally harassing me.

Yesterday, Isaiah joked about me being the I-270 sniper. For those of you not in Ohio, the I-270 sniper is some cockwharf who drives around a small stretch of I-270, a highway in Columbus, and shoots people. A few days ago, he killed a woman. Isaiah kept bugging me about it, asking if I was him. Finally, I told my parents about this, and my dad called up the Spanish teacher, and told her to put an end to it, basically moving a few seats around.

Today came the last straw.

I came to school, and started hearing rumors that people were handing out banners and papers saying I was the sniper. I only heard rumors until our Advisor/Advisee period, which is where you meet up in homeroom for a half hour and talk, or watch movies. Today we watched a movie about underage drinking, how it’s bad for you, blah blah blah. After the movie, people asked me about Isaiah’s stunt. I tell them that I’m going to confront Isaiah in Geometry later that day.

Geometry comes. I confront Isaiah, basically telling him to stop being an asshole. Stop bugging me, stop saying I’m a sniper, just don’t talk me or communicate with me in any shape or form. He just gives his usual fake apologies that he always gives just before starting with his shit again. The teacher comes in, sees it, and talks to me, telling me to keep it out of the classroom.

It gets better. I had a Spanish Club meeting after school. So I’m in the cafeteria waiting for the meeting to start. Isaiah, along with several true friends, come up to me. Phil, one of my friends, bitches at Isaiah. Then Isaiah hands me a couple sheets of paper, saying I was the sniper. Complete with clip-art and pictures of bicycles. They all leave. The Geometry teacher sees this, and asks me if it is anything she should know about. I simply hand her the papers, with a “Judge for yourself” look on my face. She takes me to the principal’s office, and I talk with the principal about it. Basically, these guys are guilty of slander and libel. I don’t think it will come to that. I hope it doesn’t. But the principal is going to talk to these two boys tomorrow, and see what they say.

First a teacher gets caught boinking a student, now this.

The joys of high school…

well are you the sniper? :wink:

Don’t worry about it. cockbiters like this can’t get to you unless you let them. You’ve handled everything just fine. I’m sure the school will tell this Isaiah twerp to knock it the fuck off, and he will…with the sniper shit. He’ll still find other ways to get up your ass, though. That’s high school. It sucks for everybody. You live through it. All that stuff that seems so important right now will look completely trivial in a couple of years. It’s amazing how unimportant all that High School shit becomes after you graduate. Wait until you get into the real world. That’s when you get kicked in the balls over and over again.

This sounds interesting. Can you elaborate?

So, are they like, really light or what?

I mean, I’m sorry you have to deal with these dicknoses, and all, and I hope Isaiah gets an unplanned vacation out of this, but your thread title just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense . . .

I weigh 95 kilos. Your IQ is hardly impressive. :wink:

Seriously, good luck with it all. Unless you are the sniper.

Comfort yourself with the knowledge that in 5 years these guys will be tied down to some skank that they knocked up on prom night and stuck working in some low-paying job, probably working for their families because nobody else will hire their trifling, uneducated asses.

Hey! That’s what everybody said would happen to me when I dropped out of school at age 16.

Guess what? It ain’t necessairly so. :smiley:

Teenage years are tricky for the following reasons…

(1) Intellectually, you’re growing into a zone where very abstract thought processes start to make sense. That is, the ability to think beyond the obvious starts to manifest itself.

(2) On a daily basis, there is almost always at least one experience you go through which you’ve never experienced before. It might be an emotional experience, or a physical one of some sort - and I’m not talking romance or drugs here - just everyday life experiences. When you combine Point (1) above with Point (2), what happens is that at no other time in your life does so much “new shit” come flying down the pipe at you as when you’re in the teenage years. After you leave high school, you have to mix it with the big boys after that, and the sustained sense of endless new experiences diminishes. Sure, new stuff keeps coming around the corner, but not as fast and as furious as your late teens.

(3) Some people cope with this really well, and others are simply fucking idiots - no other way to call it I’m afraid. The thing is Golden Gun, based on what I’m reading in your OP, I gotta say you strike me as being a pretty cool young dude. So if I may, I’ll just throw in a few more points for you to ponder…

(4) In life, some things are really, REALLY important - and some things only seem to be important. One of the great traps of high school is making the mistake of thinking that “popularity” or “peer acceptance” is important - but honestly, it’s not. Nothing could be further from the truth. When all is said and done, the ability to go through life being “Joe Cool” is what’s really important. That is, never trashing other people, never ripping other people off, always keeping a low profile, showing respect to other folks around you, and most importantly of all - keeping your thoughts to yourself.

(5) That last point, “keeping your thoughts to yourself” is the hardest one of all - but arguably, it’s the one which derives the greatest yield. You see, the dickwad who’s hanging shit on you about being a sniper - well, the only influence he really has over you is that which you’re empowering (or giving him the right) to have over you. I’m not talking about ignoring him or letting him know that you’re playing some sort of mindgame - rather, the real trick here is to be able to identify in life when you’ve simply come up against a bunch of dropkick fuckwits - which in this instance you obviously have.

(6) When you’re in the presence of fuckwits, there’s nothing to be gained by letting them know you think they’re a fuckwit. By reacting in any shape or manner, you’re giving them the satisfaction of knowing they “got to you” in some capacity. The trick is to just look 'em straight in the eye while they say what they say, and then think to yourself “You are such a fucking dropkick, good thing I don’t hang out with dropkicks” and then simply move on. No need to say anything - what’s truly important is that you were able to think it internally and make the decision to simply move along.

(7) In High School, the only currency which counts for anything is cachet. “Cachet” manifests itself in a lot of different ways, but ultimately it always involves on common factor - wondering about what other people think - and hopefully, what they’re thinking is positive. Well, the moment you can grasp that “cachet” is all just bullshit and not worth the time of day, the quicker you’ll see that not giving a shit about what other people think in High School actually makes you superior. But two things - you’ve got to keep your thoughts to yourself, and you’ve got to be able to identify wankers when you come across them.

**Hey! That’s what everybody said would happen to me when I dropped out of school at age 16.

Guess what? It ain’t necessairly so.**

How does what I said have anything to do with you and/or high school dropouts?

If I were you, given the nature of the slander and libel, have your parents talk to their parents, and let it be known that if the two ballsweat drinkers don’t cut the shit you’ll get a lawyer, sue for libel and slander and you’ll shove him so far up those two kids’ asses they’ll be shitting court papers in triplicate until they cry uncle.

Bullying is to be expected at high school, but being compared to a killer roaming your state and having fliers made of you, that’s a swan dive into the land of Supremely Fucked Up.

Me, I’ve been on a vindictive streak for the past few days. I’d say if a lawyer says you have a case, sue, and ruin them.

Other than that Boo Foo Foo pretty much hits it all on the head, except for one small bit I waffle on:

Depending on the level of fuckwittedness, and if it breaks any laws, money can be gained.

Libel occurs when a false and defamatory statement about an identifiable person is published by a third party causing injury to the subject’s reputation.

Everything is pretty much there, I don’t know how much of your reputation has been sullied though. And plus if you did take it to court it’s a balance of Freedom of Speech and your reputation.

I’m done babbling now, honest.

How the hell do you weigh something in kilos?? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

DreadCthulhu–I am assuming that kilo here is short for kilogram, in which case our lovely mod weighs about 210 pounds.

TMWTGG–“Cockwharf” is hilarious and I am definately going to have to use that soon.

For some reason, I’m reminded of the scene in Broadcast News where young Aaron is surrounded by his tormentors in High School, and he rages at them with what he knows is a scathing prediction “10 years from now, you’ll be stuck in a 20 k job”. The tormentors hit Aaron and walk off commenting to each other “hey, I’m gonna make 20 k! Cool!”

Honest - after high school, these folks will not matter to you. It is indeed awful what you’re having to deal with. Nimrods are everywhere but they’re especially vocal in their teen years.

I can’t advise you to do what I would, but if he started his shit one more time I would punch him right in the nose.

Wow. :frowning: Hope things get much better for you at school. Nobody should have to put up with treatment like that. If it continues, please please please take it up with your prinipal again each and every time they try something. Bullying is tolerated quite a bit less now than in the past, thank goodness. Most schools have administrators trained in dealing with it. Best of luck to you!

Now that you’ve reported them, follow up and make sure bad things happen. If not, go to the Cops and tell them you’re being accused of it. I’m sure it’ll be easy to prove otherwise, and the cops won’t like these kids.

Just follow through, and lean on people until those two behave.

Oh, and because it ticks me off? I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know, so there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds sort of like my situation, except replace “sniper” with “Jew.”

Dude, this is the straight dope.

You’re gay, aren’t you?

I likely don’t outweigh you, I don’t outthink you, and I can’t speak for you. But doesn’t it really piss you off when someone makes such unwarranted assumptions about you?

Stop thinking about what we think and start focusing on what you absolutely have to do right now, while you are still young and irascible.

And when you’ve made your place in the world, send a really old and spent goon to kick my ass, 'cause frankly, I’m nothing more than a Twinkie on a folding chair at this point. It’s pretty pathetic, really.

Oh, so they think YOU’RE the sniper?


In all seriousness, man, you’re gonna look back on this sort of stupid, idiotic shit, and you’re gonna be fucking proud of yourself… and you should be. You took all the right steps, played it cool and smart. Remember: High School is the last place these primates will be able to have any sort of power. When you all enter the real world, it’s gonna be YOU that’ll be knocking THEM for the figurative loop. Keep that in mind.

It’s very important to know that High School is SUPPOSED to suck. They designed it that way. You really have to detach yourself from the moment, and look ahead. It’s very, very difficult to do, because at that stage in your life, a month is still a long time. But pretty soon, you’re gonna start to realize that a few weeks of people whispering behind your back is child’s play (and it is).

Just hold your head tall, keep a very slight smile on your face, and always, always, ALWAYS look people in the eye. Not only does it help people have a higher opinion of you, but it also prevents back problems! Double your money, man!

Seriously: pounds? stones? kilograms? grams? attograms?