I was threatened?

Okay so I just made this account to ask this question. This kid was walking around school calling me a slut every time he saw me because his friend doesn’t like me. One day, I just snapped and called him a fat ginger. (lol) Well that went on for a while, and there was even a point where he stopped saying stuff to me but I still said it to him. (Which is immature, I know but I was sort of…pissed). Anyway, this guy got mad because I called him a fat ginger and posted this on his Facebook publicly so everyone could see it. “If anyone knows (my name) plese inform her of this message. FUCK U. U STUPID CUNT BITCH WHOUR. U FUCKIN SAY ONE MORE THING ABOUT ME I WILL PERSONALY FUCK U UP YOU STUPED BITCH I WILL BEET YOUR WHORE MOUTH IN AND ALL UR FUCKING FRIENDS TWO.” Followed by many slanderous things about me and my appearence.
Then, his friend sent me a message telling me he planned to break my nose at school. I apologized to them 3 times, thinking this would help my case in case something happened. Today, his girlfriend came up to me and told me she was going to kill me. I APOLOGIZED AGAINC AND THERE WERE WITNESSES. I went to the principal who didn’t do anything but tell them to stay away from me. If I reported this to the police, what could happen to them? BACKGROUND INFO: I am a female. The one that put that on his Facebook is a male. I am 16, He is 19. I think his girlfriend may be 17. Oh yeah, and to make it even more sad, I’m 4"11 and 98 pounds. =/ They both weigh the size of 3 good sized minivans . =/

You brought this on yourself by confronting this guy with name calling. But you don’t deserve the threats. Call the police. If it’s a real threat you shouldn’t be concerned with what happens to them.

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Have the name-calling and threats stopped since the principal “didn’t do anything but tell them to stay away from me”? If they have, then you might relax. If thy have not, then:
(1) tell the principal, and
(2) ask the principal, or some one else like a student counsellor, if you should report this to the police.

(I suggest asking for advice, because they would be in a better position to know if these are threats that the police would take seriously.)

Yeah no way that this thread is going to turn into a train wreck.

You brought it on yourself, but I agree with the advice to talk to your principal and/or guidance counsellor.

Buy them all Jenny Craig memberships to prove your apology is sincere.


Are you from the U.K. perhaps? The 'ginger’reference is making me think that. From what I hear, your comment was in the same category as ‘lazy nigger’ is in the U.S. Maybe not though. You may just be one of those young people with a sophisticated international dictionary of insults on the tip of your tongue.

You generally don’t go around saying that to people without expecting them to behave a little aggressively. You should take steps to protect yourself if the people in question are serious but I doubt anything will come of it. You may want to refrain from stringing two different insults (like ‘fat’ and ‘ginger’) together in close proximity to one another in the future. It makes some people’s brains short out with rage.

BTW, your OP is way more funny if you read it in an Eric Cartman voice.

Fuck yeah, report it to the police. You have evidence on Facebook, and it’s certainly more serious than this.

“Ginger” isn’t really an insult, although is used enough as one that it’s easy to take it as one perhaps. It certainly isn’t comparable to nigger (not socially anyway, although I don’t see what important distinction there is between insulting someone because of their skin colour and insulting someone because of their hair colour, but that’s just the way it is…).

I suspect it was the “fat” part of “fat ginger” that was the main insult. Still, neither part was as insulting as “slut” or “whore”.

With the size of these potential predators, just be ready to duck into the nearest doorway and they won’t be able to follow.

You can and should take the threats public. Unfortunately, PPO’s and warnings can’t stop anybody from doing anything so you need to be extra careful as I know you will.

Let this be a big time lesson to watch what you say and the way you say it. Your post here did not need to be so vulgar. If this is any indication of you continuing attitude, it’s going to be a tough life.

I don’t know. There are proud sluts and proud whores but nobody enjoys being called fat. Ginger isn’t really an insult in the U.S. but is a serious one in the U.K. with associated beatdowns and everything.

Yeah, WTF are all these people doing by saying that the OP brought it on herself??? The ginger part was in response to the slut insult, if I read the post correctly.
At any rate, call the cops. If you don’t, you are begging for more trouble.
A lot more trouble.


Ginger is a much stronger insult in the UK than in America. Here, it barely registers as offensive. It’s often used as a neutral descriptor, and it’s not an uncommon word in America (thank *South Park *for that).

That said, insults never warrant threats of violence. It doesn’t matter that she called him a fat ginger. He IS a fat ginger, factually, and she was retaliating because they called her a slut first (for which they had no factual basis unless they witnessed her banging the football team).

So, OP, what you first need to do is tell your parents what happened. Let them know that you think this guy is really going to hurt you, based on his facebook post and people telling you he plans to break your nose. Tell them that you would like to go to the police station and file a report against this guy. Take a screenshot of his facebook post, print it out, and go to the police station. They will likely ask you some questions and file a report, and hopefully send someone to talk to him.

Assuming you’re in America, he’s over 18 and you’re under. If he actually assaults you, he’s going to go to adult jail for assaulting a minor. But based on the evidence of his facebook post, you should be able to file a police report (and you might possibly be able to take out a restraining order, based on your history–just tell everything to the police and let them know you’re scared of him).

Anyway, I know this is probably just a fly-by-night OP. But she is young and needs help, not more cutdowns.

I think the insultive-ness of the word ginger may have been overstated somewhat. I’ve lived in the UK the past 25 years, and can think of at least 5 people I know/have known who were/are nicknamed ginger/ginger (name), and would be called that by friends, colleagues and family (though not teachers istr).
It’s certainly nothing like as offensive as nigger, though in fairness I did go to school with a lad we called nigger, with no hint of malice, it was just his nickname.

On topic, I’d suggest filing a police report, possibly through parents if you feel that’s necessary. At the very least you’ve got a black and white record that you’ve been threatened, if things do escalate and you need to defend yourself.

Hire some muscle. Oh, and mind the gap.

I don’t know how people react to ‘ginger’, but pretty much any word you put after ‘fat’ sounds like an insult to fat morons.

Obligatory BBC link regarding gingerism: