Facebook question regarding friend requests.

I had a request from a woman, I clicked “not now”, but now I want to answer it. Does not know mean “no”? i.e. how do I get back to the place were I can accept the friend request without asking her?

No, Not Now does not mean the same thing as Ignore. Go to your home page, click on Friends, scroll towards the bottom, and you’ll see a link for showing hidden friend requests.

OK, asked and answered. So, while we’re talking about Facebook friend requests, anyone else getting a bunch of friend requests from naked women, all of which say exactly “Hello :)” (i.e., exactly like that)? I’ve gotten 10 in the last couple of weeks.

just request her back if she brings it up say you hit no on accident.

Happens to me all the time but that is just par for the course in life. It is just part of the price for being who we are. You can Uglyshop your profile picture up a bit if you just want to screen for the people that want to get to know the real you.

Another difference between the two features: If you hit “not now” they’re capable of trying to add you again. Hitting “ignore” makes it so that they can’t attempt to add you again (for a certain length of time I believe).