Quick and easy Facebook question

If somebody sends you a friend request and you click Ignore instead of Confirm, does the other person know?


If they try and find you, they may notice that they can’t see your page and aren’t friends and thye have the option to add you (otherwise it would be “request pending”). Then they’d know, but only by deduction.


Yeah. I have a long-standing friend request on my page. It’s from a girl I went to grade school with who married a childhood friend I can no longer stand. Every time I declined the request she’d resend it.

Well since you didn’t accept the friend request, it reasonable for them to assume that you ignored it.

Yeah, but there’s nothing actively reminding them that I’m not their friend. There’s a constant barrage of “why don’t you add Susie as your friend, you have a lot of common friends!” from Facebook.

Except for the fact that when someone accepts your friend request, you get announcement that Munch and Susie are now friends. The absence of such an announcement means that Munch has most likely ignored the friend request. If Susie went to the trouble to friend you, I would think she would notice that you are not her friend, and likely ignored it.

It’s okay, she probably will get it that you just aren’t interested in seeing her Farmville activities, after the 5th request.

Thus the definition of “active”. It’s rare when someone accepts a friend request quickly - many people check that option maybe once a week. Not getting a notice simply isn’t a reminder of anything.

No - it most likely means that Munch hasn’t gotten around to it.

I’m not sure I would use the word “trouble” when it comes to sending a friend request.

Well apparently your friend that you ignored, took the time to resend her request multiple times, even though she never got an active notice that you ignored it. Sort of proves my point.

A related question, I’ve recently changed my relationship status (in real life) but haven’t changed my FB status. Is it possible to change my online status without notifying all of my “friends”?

If your friends can see your relationship status, then they can see any changes you make to your relationship status. I believe that you can change who can see your relationship status in the privacy settings of your profile. If so, make your relationship status private, where no one sees it. It may send out an announcement that PlainJain is no longer in a relationship.

I sent a friend request to so-and-so and it continues to sit, unanswered. However, I still get little updates about so-and-so. The updates say things like…

“So-and-so has just become friends with such-and-such.”

What that tells me is that so-and-so is actively friending others but not me.

Well, so-and-so is dumb and jealous of me and why would I want to be his friend anyway? :wink:

Wow Bearflag70, apparently you have used reasoning to come to this conclusion, which Munch seems to believe that people who attempt to friend him, do not have.

This is the part I was hoping to avoid.

Possible solution.

Change your preferences to hide your relationship status.
Change your status
Change your status preference back to public.

Interesting, I’ll try it. Thanks.

Which kind of proves the point ***I ***was making - that you don’t deny the request, but instead just let it sit there. If you Capital “I” Ignore a request (i.e. click “Ignore”), you go back on the list of potential friends for her to request. If you lower case “i” ignore a request (i.e. let it sit there), she CAN’T resend a request.

Question: Are you friends with such-and-such? That’s the ONLY way you’d get that notification.

:rolleyes: I’ve said nor implied no such thing. If you want to find out if Jane has accepted your request, it’s pretty fucking easy to find out. But you won’t get active alerts of a non-event.

It’s possible that so-and-so is clicking “add friend” on some pages, but has not gone to his own friend request page at all to see requests that have been sent to him. Not real likely, but possible.