Facebook, what drugs are you on?

That’s one reason I stopped using that shit. I laugh when I think at how I used to believe Wal-Mart was evil. Wal-Mart ain’t got nothing on Big Tech.

True enough (my bolding).

But Walmart still is kinda evil.

Mine does that, with FB Purity, but it doesn’t tell me a specific time frame.

FB Purity came up with a new extension a few days ago that is supposed to allow me to stay on old Facebook indefinitely. So far so good. Last time Facebook switched me over to new, I was able to switch back for 2 days (kind of like a snooze alarm). Then I installed this new extension (I think that’s what it is) and several days have gone by and nothing. And I noticed that the little drop-down arrow doesn’t even have the option to switch to new Facebook.

I don’t understand what settings to put FB purity on to get it to go back. It just looks like you have to select thousands of individual links.
Also, today FB went to the new format full time and won’t let me switch back.

You want RevertSite (revertsite.com) by the same developer as FBP.

It’s funny, I usually despise site layout “upgrades”, like Digg, Reddit, and honestly the SDMB one isn’t great either. But the FB one seems like an improvement to me. Now granted I only visit FB about once a week and already thought it sucked, now I just think it sucks a little less.

I now have a list of things I’m not happy about. Bear in mind that my primary interaction with FB is with a computer, not a mobile device, and said computer has a 32" wide, 16:9 monitor.

  • I dislike the new interface because I have to move my cursor a lot more to get to either the left or right column. Thanks to my monitor size, there is a fuckton of whitespace between columns.
  • The left column has been rearranged to add items I rarely use and hide items I do use. I don’t use Friends, for example, but I do switch to from Top Stories to Most Recent, and the last time I looked, that was hidden under See More instead of being up top where it’s easy for me to find. (NB: I do like that it’s now a toggle instead of a click News Feed, select preference.)
  • I have to scroll further down the page to find items in the left column because of all the added space.
  • They’ve added a bunch of panels on the middle column that I have no interest in (Rooms, for example) and there’s no way to get rid of them. I didn’t even like it when they put “Stories” in there. All these do is mean I have to scroll down a lot further before I actually start seeing posts from people, which is what I go there for.

Due the recommendations here, and the fact that Facebook stopped allowing me to go back to the old layout, I finally installed Facebook Purity. I was able to get rid of the annoying space-wasting “Stories” and “Rooms.” I also now don’t see “Shared a memory” and “Your memories” posts. I’m really not interested in seeing what I or someone else posted five years ago.

It also allows you to block puppy and kitty photos. What I would like to be able to do is to allow photos of my nephews’ kids, without seeing any other posts from their wives or partners who mostly post them. I’ve had to snooze them because they incessantly post about their emotional hang-ups (of which they have a lot). The last time my nephew’s girlfriend’s snooze period was up, I got 20 posts in a row from her of memes about her emotional state. I had to snooze her again. My other nephew’s wife is a goth who constantly posts about how she can’t wait until Halloween is here starting in February.

I use Social Fixer, but it’s just the one dude and he has a day job. He’s doing his best, but if I understand it correctly, FaceBook is making its API incredibly obscure.

Right now I can still go back to “the old view”, so I’m keeping on with that. And telling FB why I keep switching back, too. I only glanced at it briefly today, but it looks as if some of the extra spacing was removed. That or they just made very single column BIGGER. It looks a little like Twitter now, except not as easy to use.

FB switched to the new layout again. I went to click switch back for 48 hours. It wasn’t there. The new FB caused my whole laptop to freeze. I closed the Firefox tab with FB. The problem went away. I sat there and cursed at my computer.

RevertSite (revertsite.com) is your friend. It’s working fine for me in Chrome, and the developer says there’s also a Firefox version.