Fahrenheit demo review

I’ve always been impressed by French adventure games. Like the German with RPG’s, they manage to push the envelope in a niche market, and have a track record of solid gameplay and story. So I was quite interested in Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, a demo of which is available on Fileplanet.

Indigo prophecy has a very long lead-up time waiting or things to load the the opening scene to play out. But once it does, the game starts playing out practically in-real time. As it claims, different ways of doing things have markedly different results. Instead of scripted sequences with one solution, they’ve gone beyond the pale to work out a number of options and to have you do things as needed. You an even just sit there and let events flow how they will, although it’s not reccomended.

The unique control mechanism requires the player to make motions with the mouse to use items. It’s actually very intuitive and does bring the player just a dash more into the reality of the world, though it might seem gimicky after long play. Still, it’s nice to have a little more interactivity.