Fake Jews - GOALS: Suggested vs Official typology: Hitler vs Rothschild

Fake Jews: GOALS - Suggested vs Official types: Hitler vs Rothschilds

Creating fake Jews - Goals:

  • Divert from the fact that “extermination of the Jews” is one of the commandments of the illuminati religion.
  • Divert from the fact that the illuminati secret society has always been controlled by ethnic Germans.
    In fact it first surfaced in 1190 as “Ordo Teutonicus” and it was during the first centuries reserved to ethnic Germans part of the noble class for at least three generations.
  • Create hatred against Jews.
  • Divert hatred from individuals upon Jews as collective entity.

Fake Jews: Hitler vs Rothschilds type
Contrast two psy-op techniques to have the audience swallow fake Jews:

  • Official story vs suggestion.

1. “We are Jews”, From Rothschilds to Ben Bernanke
Method: Serve it as the official story.
Target audience: Everyone.

a) - Rothschilds, officially “an ancestry that can be traced back to 1577”.
Reality: biography rewritten a few years before the illuminati extended their control to France, 1789, at a time where they already controlled kingdoms as far apart as Prussia and England.
b) - Ben Shalom Bernanke, Janet Yellen, Stan Fischer, to take only recent and current “leaders” of the Federal Reserve.
Note: How could Stan Fischer start a suicide bomber mission as vice-president of the Federal Reserve months after playing Governor of the Bank of Israel?
Because Israel government are all illuminazi agents since the 1975 coup, Their main mission: the destruction of Israel, part of fulfilling the illuminati religion’s commandment “exterminate the Jews”.

2. “They really are Jews”: From Hitler to Poroshenko and Plotnitsky
Method: Suggest it.

  • either from the start (as soon as the fake Jew steps on stage) or not;
  • either almost only through “alternative” channels alias the illuminati web of disinformation or not (in other words: also by mass media and official entities).
    Target audience: Specific groups.

a) - Hitler was a Jew: starts to be suggested only long after the fall of the III Reich and only to those who see Hitler as a criminal.
Note this paradox: the more someone also got the extent of Hitler’s crimes against Germans, the higher the probability is that they will fall for this psy-op.
b) - Poroshenko (Ukraine) / Plotnitsky (Lugansk, Novorussia) are Jews: in both cases suggested the same way and from the start, or in other words, as soon as each actor stepped on stage.

  • Poroshenko is a Jew: suggested by the fake “pro-Russians”, from Russian TV Rossya1 to Plotnitsky himself.
  • Plotnitsky is a Jew: suggested by the “anti-Russians”, from Ukraine’s state TV to Poroshenko himself.
  • Poroshenko stepped on stage as “anti-Russian oligarch”, upscaled later to president of Ukraine.
  • Plotnitsky stepped on stage as “pro-Russian oligarch”, upscaled shortly after the start of the armed revolt in Novorussia to president of Lugansk.
    More precisely after the May 2014 coup, executed by shock troops sent by nazi agent “Putin” in order to suppress the armed revolt against the new openly nazi Kiev regime.

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