Fall TV Season - what's the buzz?

I have heard virtually nothing about what’s coming up on network TV this fall, other than promos that ran during the Olympics.

What should I set my DVR to get?

Revolution will either be fantastic (and cancelled in 6 months) or a total waste of time. I’m looking forward to it!

Doctor Who is the only thing I’ll be watching. I’ll check out Revolution but I get the feeling it won’t turn out all that great. Kind of like every Sci-fi show since the early 2000’s sans Who and Eureka.

Fox will be making my Tuesday very crowded with the The Mindy Project following New Girl. Am less confident in Ben and Kate following Raising Hope but will give that show a trial run.

I’m guessing the CBS Sherlock Holmes show Elementary will do mega ratings following Person of Interest on Thursday, so I might as well get on that train from the start.

Not sure what to make of Revolution on NBC or Last Resort on ABC, both are up my alley, but my TV watching budget may be too full for them.

What do you mean “or”?

From the reviews that have popped up here and there, it seems like the shows to keep an eye on are:

ABC: Last Resort and Nashville
CBS: Elementary and Vegas
Fox: The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate
NBC: Go On and Revolution (although everything I’ve seen has been more of the “Well, let’s see what a second episode looks like” attitude)
CW: Arrow

The pilots for The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate are available for free on Hulu now, and I watched both of them last night. They both have potential, although Mindy wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped. (The show feels like it’s being pulled in a bunch of different directions.) I did like Dakota Johnson and especially Lucy Punch from Ben and Kate, although I could see Nat Faxon’s character getting very annoying very quickly.

Grimm is already back on and stuff is happening, it’s been good so far.

Revolution will probably be terrible but I’ll try it if I remember to set my Tivo within the ~2-week period before the show premieres.

Otherwise it will be old favorites like NCIS, Person of Interest, and Community. Hopefully Community will still be good after losing their creator/director/writer/whatever, I have my doubts.

Anybody heard if Happy Endings will be back? I started watching it last year and I like it, a fast-paced quirky and somewhat clever show.

Yep, Tuesdays at 9.

I watched the sneak preview of Animal Practice, a new show on NBC. It was horrible, I don’t expect it to last 3 episodes.

Yeah. I get the feeling they said “Hey, we can get that cute monkey from the movies – okay, now let’s make up a story.”

Revolution is gonna be yet another family drama in a scifi setting ala terranova, falling skies or walking dead.

Only one I’m looking forward to is Last Resort.

I’ve watched these pilots:
The New Normal- really funny, really heartfelt, is typically overwritten as is typical Ryan Murphy but I’m forgiving for now
The Mindy Project- funny-ish, has potential to be an interesting Girls antidote/30 Rock replacement
Ben & Kate- sorta interesting, but they wore out every gag, and there’s not really a compelling angle? got bored.
Go On (with Matthew Perry)- unwatchable, tone-deaf. had to turn it off.

They’re all available on Hulu and whatnot. Stuff I haven’t seen, I’m not really feeling. Just can’t wait for the return of Veep, Girls, Mad Men, Smash…all of which will be mid-season, I assume.