Fallacies get imprinted young...


I am glad for her rescue, really, I am. But shouldn’t she be thanking Sgt. Mike Hall? You know, the guy that actually found her? Where was God during the act of evil? I know she’s only eight, so I guess I’m putting the blame on her guardian. If you’re going to preach God to children, please allow the children to make him accountable for the bad in life as well. It’s all just so damn hypocritical, this God business.

I guess if the horrible violence had killed her, she’d be able to thank God in person for delivering her early from the evils of the world.

P.S. That’s not a rolly eyes for the girl, but for the mindset that omnipotent God should only be mentioned when something good happens. Hypocritical suckiness.

So I’m not the only one who’d like to see a losing football team say “Fuck you Jesus!”, eh?

You’re certainly not!

Or… 'God hates us. We’re gonna lose. I’m gonna go punch a nun and fuck some midgets."

Where were you?

My guess?
Wherever it was, it wasn’t being in a state of omnipotence coupled with omniscience.
Just a hunch.

Hey, a movie was made showing just a fragment of what God went through in time/space/matter history & you anti-religious haters bitched about that. Even if I didn’t believe in God, I wouldn’t bitch about people who take solace in a Deity & who teach that to their children when bad things happen.

Hah. They repeated The Daily Show from a week or so ago that had a This Week In God segment that touched on this. Dimly-recalled partial paraphrase:

Giacomo won the Kentucky Derby – God really loves a longshot. Bellamy Road finished seventh – God so hates him.

Elsewhere, a string of bombings in sub-Saharan Africa. On the other hand, the weather was really nice for them, so it’s kinda hard to tell what God was thinking, there.

More on-topic:

“Thank-you, God, for letting me survive all those hours crushed under rocks in a bin in a garbage dump. And, while we’re about it, thanks for arranging for me to sleep in the same house with an inhuman monster who served my eight-year-old self up a double-helping of beating and rape before leaving me for dead, you sick motherfucker.”

Yeah, I thought Kevin Smith could’ve done much better.

Let’s see, when did this story break, May 22? I believe was sleeping, preparing for my shift that night. Why do you ask? :dubious:

Because I blame you for her suffering. You should have been there to protect her. If you’re going to claim the moral highground, then be the moral guardian.


If you’re commenting on the basis of this statement:

…then you’re insane. The accusation of “blame” in this case is her guardian instilling a hypocritical belief that God only comes around when good things happen. Why isn’t she rasing her fist to the sky asking, “God, why did you allow this man to rape and try to kill me, hmm?” No, you never see that part. What I am NOT doing is blaming her guardian for allowing the rape and attempted murder, but for the God nonsense.

~blink blink~

Lib… you do understand that one can expect different standards from God than from ParentalAdvisory?

Oh sure. But apparently ParentalAdvisory doesn’t. He/she judged God by his/her own petty standards. It apparently never occured to him/her that God might have legitimate moral reasons to allow men to exercise their free will and commit the evil acts that they decide themselves to commit. Or that God might have breathed into man an eternal life separate from his rotting flesh, a life that no man can kill. But then, I don’t know what to make of outrage over a little girl thanking God. It smacks of the Prodigal Son’s brother brooding over someone else’s good fortune. If in the course of a day, the thing that pisses you off more than anything else is that a little girl thanked God, it seems to me that a little house cleaning is in order before taking a broom to the neighborhood.

I’m not as pissed as you think, just annoyed really.

Well, um, thank goodness for God then! :rolleyes:

Please. Any comprehension on your part would have clearly pointed out that I’m blaming whomever raised her.

Without putting words in anybody’s mouth, I’d say that Parental was pointing out that if there was an all-powerful God, then it would’ve made the little girl get raped and nearly killed before she could be saved. If I got that wrong, please feel free to correct me friend Advisory.

Is it wrong to ask that a perfect and all-powerful being not cause eight year old girls to be raped and nearly killed before being rescued?

I think Parental’s point more had to do with the fact that the girl was thaking God for having her life saved. If, as you say, God allows free will, then God didn’t cause the police to find her, either. So she’s silly to thank God. If, contrary to what you say, God could’ve stopped the rapist as easily as he ‘caused’ the cops to find the girl (in her view), then she’s silly to thank God for getting her out of a jam that God put her into in the first place.

Even if we’ve got some immortal soul stuff, having an eight year old girl raped, beaten, and nearly murdered would be kinda harsh.

I don’t see outrage. I see people voicing the fact that there’s a disconnet. If God caused her to be saved, he also caused her to be put in that situation in the first place. In light of that, it’s kinda like having someone dangle you over the edge of a building and then thanking them profusely when they decide not to kill you.

Having not read the Christian bible, I really can’t comment on that parable.
But, again, it’s like teams thanking God only when they win, and not blaming their failure on God when they lose.
It’s fair weather worship.

Again, I think you’re reading the thread wrong, although I may certainly be doing so myself.

I read the tone more as a :rolleyes: than a :mad:

But why should God get credit for good, and man credit for evil? God, after all, is the agent Who facilitates goodness? If God is the puppeteer that you’re making Him out to be, then are you not writing on His behalf? But if you’re choosing your words freely, then why can’t the bad man have chosen his own evil deed?

“We almost won the game until Jesus Christ made me fumble!”

Eh? I’m not saying that. Either human beings get credit for their actions, in which case the girl should’ve thanked the cops who saved her life and not God… or God is responsible for our actions, in which case she should’ve cursed any deity who was so cruel and capricious as to have an eight year old brutally raped and beaten before being left for dead.

I don’t believe that there is a God, at least not in the sense that most people use the term. As such I’m only addressing the little girl’s paradigm.

If she’s thanking God for being rescued, that means God had a hand in her rescue. What, was he too busy to have a hand in her not getting raped and beaten savagely?

I’ll turn that around on you. If bad men can choose their actions, why can’t good cops?