Fallen on ABC Family

Has anyone seen this show/movie? They actually showed the first part of it last year. I have been seeing commercials for it again so it looks like are going to get to see how it all ends in parts 2 and 3.

Anyone else seen it?

I watched it. I seem to recall thinking that it was all right but would have been much better had the lead actor removed his shirt. But then I think that about a lot of shows.

According to ABC Family’s official summer and fall schedule release, Fallen once again returns, with the four hour continuation airing August 3, 4 and 5th 2007.

LOL he is really cute and I have to admit I was waiting for him to take that shirt off too:) Well I am hoping maybe we will get some shirtless action this go around. They are showing the next 2 episodes of the Trilogy August 4th and 5th!

Anyone watch it this weekend? I watched the first part again on Friday and then part of the second part but have to run out for a bit. lucky for me they are showing all three parts today.

I watched part one again and part two. Two was much weaker than One IMHO. The coincidence of the girl from One turning up again as a Nephilim really strained credulity for me. I suppose it could be said that setting her up as an orphan in One paved the path for the reveal but I still didn’t care for it. It’s not like we were so attached to her as a character that she just HAD to come back. And the chain of coincidence of Aaron meets student who takes him to the professor who happens to have the girl runed up in the attic was a bit much. I don’t know how much of that is drawn from the source; maybe it’s not quite so annoying there.

I like the idea of Azezal far better than I like Azezal. The actor is playing it far too much like Spike for my liking.

The whole “Light-Bringer” thing was working my nerves. While I suppose that segments of the audience might not know that “Lucifer” means “Light-bringer” the angel-studying Nephilim girl should certainly have recognized the term and perhaps been concerned about it rather than all moony-eyed “will he have a prophecy about me?”

I’ll watch the conclusion but my expectations are not that high. Looking forward to Bryan Cranston though; I’ve always enjoyed his work and think he’s underrated as a performer.

Wasn’t Azazel the first angel to fall in love with a mortal?

I did not have a favorite part they were all pretty good to me. I liked the girl turning out to be an Angle to pretty cool it explained why she was all into angels and how they had such a connection.