Fallout 4 endings (open unboxed spoilers)

Mouseover space for spoilers. If you haven’t finished the main quest of Fallout 4, keep on scrolling unless you want spoilers.

Right, so I know there’s a thread already on Fallout 4 but I didn’t want to hijack it with discussion of the ending, and potentially risk people finding out spoilers. Which ending did you go with? Personally I went with the Brotherhood ending, the 'kill 'em all and let God sort ‘em out’ approach. The Railroad ending destroys the Brotherhood and Institute and frees the synths, The Institute ending destroys the Railroad and Brotherhood and carries on with synth production.

Even though sonny boy was in charge I think the Institute can’t be trusted, they were into some seriously skeevy shit, kidnap being foremost among it, so I was pretty torn between the Railroad and Brotherhood for a while, still not sure what the ‘right’ choice was. What’d you go with?

I went with the railroad all the way. I might have sided with the Brotherhood if they hadn’t wanted to completely wipe out everyone. Bit too extreme for me. I tried top give the institute the benefit of the doubt on the beginning, thinking maybe there was some unknown variable at work. Well there was. They’re all douches. I was so pissed when I found Shawn too. What a crock of shit. The whole point of the game was reuniting with my son and now he’s some crazy old man? But yah, it wasn’t a hard decision for me. The Railroad was the best option out of the three but I did walk the line and play all three side as long as I could lol

I went with the minutemen, no particular reason they just happened to be the ones i was most attached to. This let me keep the Brotherhood and Railroad around after the ending also. Defending the Castle from wave after wave of Synths was fun, specially hearing the play by play on the freedom radio.

I just noticed there’s a poll, you forgot one option.

Not voting in the poll, just stating that it’s amazing that some people are finished with the game and I have never even visited Diamond City. I have re-started several times, though.

They dropped some strong hints with Kellogg saying something like “well, he’s a bit older now…” I knew then that he would probably be an adult, and of some importance. I had not read any spoilers about the ending before going to the Institute, and as soon as the “Father” character came on the PA to talk to me I realized, “Yep, that’s him”.

The main quest isn’t very long at all. I purposely avoided doing it for a long time and I only just recently did the quest to beam down to the Institute, so I’m right there though I haven’t made the choice yet.

But there where also hints about Kellogg traveling with a 10 year old kid, I knew he’d be older because i noticed i got refrozen during the intro but the reveal still caught me by surprise.

I went Brotherhood, not because I found them to be sympathetic at all, but because I accidentally froze myself out of the Railroad quest line by doing too many Brotherhood or Institute (not really sure which) quests before starting theirs. The Brotherhood may be a bunch of inflexible jerkwads, but they’re not doing FEV research or kidnapping locals. Whoever that old man is, he’s no son of mine no matter what the DNA might say.