false pregnancy in dogs

Does anyone have any experiance with false pregnancy in dogs?
I’m supposed to be dogsitting a pair of dogs in a couple of weeks, and one of the looks like she’s pregnant(and her estimated due date overlaps with the time I’d be looking after her). The vet says it is a false pregnancy and the owners don’t need to do anything about it. They (and now I) am wondering how long a false pregnancy lasts, how does it end, etc. (And I’m wondering a little what if it isn’t a false pregnancy, do I need to do anything special if I discover her have puppies?)

The body just acts like its pregnant, but isnt. Some women actually experience same…

I have a friend who breeds showdogs (miniature poodles) and I’ve seen false pregnancies with them a few times. The interesting part is when they get to feeling as though they’ve had a litter - they typically round up a hoard of squeeky toys and nest with them.

I’ve never seen it in dogs but my folks had a quarterhorse brood mare that had everyone fooled. 11 months, the normal gestation came and went, then 12… At 13 the vet did a pelvic exam which was like popping a balloon.

Beatle’s experience is similar to mine, just poor dog’s hormones gone “wrong” my dog would select one or two toys to be her babies and take them with her all over the place, cuddle them next to her tummy. It would take a couple of weeks or so and then she’d go back to playing catch with the babies.

I’d say it is just a question of you being very polite to her and her babies and treating them as if they were her babies. I don’t think it ever happened after we had hwe spayed.

Maybe a similar phenomenon: Due to complications (she was too small to survive a term pregnancy), one of our cats had to be spayed while pregnant. Ever since, she’s believed that she’s the mother of our other three (older!) cats. Mind you, the other cats aren’t complaining… Our oldest, in particular, loves the idea of someone else giving her baths.

Check out these sites. Basically, it looks like “Don’t worry about it.” If the vet is halfway competent, he should be able to tell whether she’s pregnant or not.


This one’s a lot more technical.