Fame Academy 2- My faith is restored.

This isn’t going to make sense to most people, unless you’re British, and like rubbish Saturday night Tv.

Fame Academy, the BBC version of Pop Idol/American Idol type show ended the other week. The winner gets a £1 million record deal, an apartment in London and a BMW.
And the right person won.

By “right”, I mean the person with the best voice, the least pretensions and the most individual personality. Thank goodness it wasn’t another fake plastic cookie-cutter boy band type. the British public actually voted for someone edgier.

Her name is Alex Parks, she’s 19, and an out of work circus clown from Cornwall. She’s not a blonde bimbo either, she’s a soft-butch skater punk type… and she’s gay.

I know it’s not earth shattering, but it made me happy.

Have you heard her single, not bad . . but not as rocky as it could have been. Kind of a soft-butch skater punk ballard :slight_smile: