Families: alternating gender in kids

Does anyone come from such a family? That is, the kids, in order they were born were boy-girl-boy-girl…
Or girl-boy-girl-boy…
“Checkerboard” you might say.
We came close. There was my older brother, then me, then a sister, then another brother…

Ahh, genetics from The Simpsons.


I think it would be interesting if it really happened that way… mine is boy, girl, girl, girl, boy

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

Oh. I thought this was about little girls suddenly growing penises for now apparent reason.

Sorry, please proceed.


“You know how complex women are”

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I’m so dumb. I read the question, instantly thought of that and didn’t even think of my family.

girl, boy, girl, boy.

You can find me as the fourth to the right.

Of course, there was 7 years and a miscarriage between my sister and I.


Our family is girl, boy, girl, girl, girl, girl(me), boy

You know, when you type the word “girl” that many times it ceases making sense.

One of the fictitious couples I came up with (which see, MPSIMS) is Jack and Eloise Sharp, who have had 15 kids. Eight boys and seven girls–Andrew, Brenda, Carl, Doris, Edmund, Frances, George, Helen, Irwin, Jean, Kenneth, Linda, Martin (the mother’s maiden name), Nancy, and Owen!

I met a woman this weekend that has 8 brothers and 7 sisters. I don’t know what the birth order is, but the next time I see her, I shall ask.

Well, in my family, it was girl-girl-girl. You’d think that there would be a boy in there somewhere, after all, the Y chromosome is lighter and any sperm bearing one has a better chance of beating out the competition and getting to the egg first, but in keeping with my family’s long tradition of contrariness, we picked one gender and stuck with it.

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In my family, my parents’ exes married each other and had one more daughter. So:

The siblings I was raised with were GBGB.

The children my father sired: GBBGB.
The children my mother bore: GBGB.

The children my mom’s ex sired: GG.
The children my dad’s ex bore: GBG.

So, the women bore them alternately.

My kids boy,boy,boy,princess

My grandmother’s first two kids were girls, then came a boy. My mom had two girls, then a boy. I had two girls, then a boy. I, my mom, & grandmother do not fall in the same places in our own birth orders, though. My grandma was an only child, my mom is the oldest, and I am the second. My older sister has one child, though, and that one is a girl. She wants more, and I’m just waiting to see what her second is going to be.

My family is a mixed group.

My grandmother (maternal, as my father was adopted, my paternal grandmother doesn’t figure in) went GBBBG.

My mother (firstborn)went GB.
My aunts and uncles (in the order above):

Me: B (hopefully, there are more to come.)

The only really interesting thing about my family’s birth order is that, until my son was born, all of the firstborns of the firstborns have been girls. My great grandmother was firstborn, her first was my grandma, whose first was my mom, whose first was me. Being the black sheep and the rebel that I am, I gave birth to a baby boy.

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In our family it’s GGB.

My father’s family was BBG, and my mother’s family was GGGGGGB (I may have missed a G in there somewhere).

So far, I just have B, and I think I’m going to keep it that way.

I’m the oldest of 7 kids…Me, my sister…then 5 more boys. We tell her they tried both and went with what worked.

She says they shoulda quit while they were ahead.

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My wife and I had girl-boy-girl.