Family Guy 11/2

It was not bad. Stewie was the best part of it,(lol at the first vagina sighting) though I pray they will do another Chicken Fight soon.

I’m a fan, but I thought this episode was very subpar. I can’t believe they sang that damned song for, what, three minutes? And they beat the DirecTV joke into the ground, too.

Family Guy makes me wish I had a fast-forward button on live TV (sorry, I don’t have DVR), this episode especially.

This episode seemed self-referential like that. It’s like it was a deliberate Fuck You to the viewers that complain about their too-long jokes. I, for one, find that kinda funny.

I get it. They just played it out YEARS ago, and trying to work THAT into the too-long jokes is just a touch too meta for me.

Plus it’s clear that having jokes that go on for too long is just a device to write less. Trying to wrap it into the meta-metajoke is an excuse.

Minute and a half OR 3 30 second skips on TiVo.

The only good line was Chris’ line: “Movie References.”

Stewie: “Mommy! Daddy! Chris! Dog! Brian!”

I was watching the Planes Trains and Automobiles sequence and stifling my laughter a bit because it’s one of my favorite movies and I kind of felt like I shouldn’t laugh (have no idea why). When Chris said “Movie References” I was in hysterics. I also wonder how many people are familiar with planes trains and automobiles…

I thought the last two episodes were pretty solid, personally.

I thought it was a pretty good episode and had more fun watching it than the Simpsons or American Dad. I liked the song as they sang it well and had a tight harmony. The sound check at the end was sort of clever. I liked the opening bit with Peter getting a massage. I thought the gag was going to be about never knowing how much clothing to take off in that sort of situation. I did not see the pooping thru the face hole coming.

My favorite line of the episode.

I’m such an idiot, I never put two and two together. At the time I commented, “Brian? She already said Dog”.

For some reason, the one that had me giggling the most was Peter still doing his distinctive laugh all the way into space as he rocketed away in the Space Shuttle.

Didn’t laugh once. They could have done a lot more with Stewie being home alone. Not only was spending two minutes on the characters singing a song for little reason irritating, but they did something I hate – dropped half a verse just to shorten it (happens all the time in commercials, and always bugs me; either use the song or don’t use it, but do it right).

Brian: “Stewie’s going to be all ‘Oh my god’…well I can’t do a good Stewie.”

The line that had me chuckling was when Peter described ‘rubbing some out’ while weightless in space. I believe the line was “Great at first, but after awhile it was like living in a snow-globe.”.

Why would you want this? It’s like the same thing over and over and over and over for four minutes, and in several episodes.

I loved the replace all instances of ‘and’ with ‘thought’. John thought his brother. . .

I think he replaced ‘and’ with ‘fart’.

And at the end he thought ‘sta -fart- ing on his feet’ was too gross.

Since I love “The Rose”, I loved the drawn-outness of the sing-a-long.

But the fights are FANTASTIC.