Family guy is really jumping the shark in the 16th season

I know its a polarizing show, and a lot of people don’t like it . But I still enjoy it.

However this 16th season with all the weird episode plots and multi episodes is really pushing it. The ‘three directors’ episode last week was probably the worst episode they’ve ever done. The ‘emmy winning episode’ also was pretty bad.

Maybe MacFarland is trying to crash the show so he can focus on other projects.

Other than doing the voices, I thought he had nothing to do with the show’s creative process anymore.

Doing the voices would be a tremendous hassle if he were indeed sick of the show.

I don’t think MacFarland is trying to kill the show though. Most TV series lose their punch after awhile.

Before anyone jumps in, of course that should be MacFarlane.

I thought the season premiere was hilarious.

Didn’t think the directors episode was anything special, but the Emmy’s show was downright hilarious.