Family Guy 13 Jan '07 (spoilers)

Did anyone else find post-stroke Peter creepy? :eek: It’s like they had 3 plots that weren’t long enough for a whole episode so the crammed them into one.

Yeah, it was a little disjointed. More so than usual, even. But it had Ricardo Montalban doing the voice of a cow, so it gets points for that.

The cow even quoted a line from Star Trek II!

So what’s the deal with all these new episodes of Family Guy and American Dad? I thought Seth and the gang were on strike. I remember hearing an interview with him on Adam Carolla back in October or November, and he was concerned about 3 episodes that were going to air without his final approval. Those have long since aired, yet we keep getting new episodes of these two shows and the Simpsons. Has Fox cut some sort of special deal with their animation people, or are these episodes cobbled together from unfinished material left laying around the studio while the writers are on strike?

Really? Went right over my head. What line?

There were a few Family Guys where the dialogue was already finished and the animation was already almost complete, and I believe this was the last one of them. They were all finished without MacFarlane’s approval or cooperation. The Simpsons have a bunch of completed episodes, and will have most of its season.

Yeah,and since cartoons are written and recorded long in advance to when they air, at least compared to live-action, that they were able to have more in the can. Too bad Fox decided to piss him off by not respecting his wishes. He should cancel whatever deal he has out of spite and move over to Adult Swim.

The line about his wife dying. Khan said the same one in STII.

I thought it was sub-par, except for Ricardo Montalban. I was disappointed that no one yelled “Khaaaaan!!!”, or that he didn’t say anything about converting his hide to “rich Corinthian leather.” The following American Dad was much better.

For me the most puzzling question about the episode is why I instinctively objected to the notion of a talking cow when the show features a talking infant and a talking baby in every episode, not to mention other miscelaneous talking animals and objects.

“What am I, chopped liver?” - Brian
“Oooooh, I got mentioned twice!” - Stewie

How forgettable was the episode? I watched it, and I’m trying to remember a cow. Peter has a stroke, Stewie trys to be popular, cow…cow…not ringing a bell.

Some bits I enjoyed:

“Even if sometimes the mustache has alpo gas.” I liked the whole mustache bit actually.
The teen show song, “High school is such a serious thing. These problems matter.”
Brian explaining “Anal Point” and Stewie saying he’d rather be the parking space than the car.
The monopoly man getting his ass kicked in jail, “Prison is no fairytale world.”

Overall not great – too disjointed to follow really, but I still laughed some.


After Peter gets his stem cells and recovers, he decides to sue McBurgers or whatever the burger place was called. He loses and decides to infiltrate the company. He and Brian pose as Asian investors and find the company slaughterhouse, complete with talking cow.

I found Peter’s face, after the stroke, was completely tasteless.
And hilarious.
And I still find myself “speaking” Italian like Peter (bop a-da boo pee. Boop a-da bop a) when I’m getting ready for work in the morning.