Fox Animation Domination 2/14/10 (open spoilers)

Heads up. New episodes of The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, and American Dad air tonight.

Kids had better be asleep by then.

Seth MacFarlane needs to do more research when writing his dialogue…

That British man was not showing Chris his fanny…

The Simpsons, Cleveland Show, American Dad, and Family Guy in that order.

Loved the Simpsons take on the opening ceremony (& Milhoose). The Lisa subplot wasn’t very interesting though (except for “Without them I’m just a big Maggie!”). Cleveland Show was better than usual. What was with Cyborg-Stan’s futury accent? And Haley only got one line (not that Steve’s subplot was all that entertaining). What’s up with Hoshi’s parents speaking fluent English? Family Guy was awful.

I agree, while I understand that Seth MAcFarlane is trying to make a point, disabled people deserve to be treated like anyone like anyone else, because being disabled doesn’t automatically make you nobel.

This has been done before time and time again, so unless you have a new spin on it it ain’t funny. When Blanche, from “the Golden Girls,” said “I thought you were nobel, you’re just another jerk in a wheelchair,” it was somewhat shocking, now it’s boring. We’ve seen it too many times and TV sitcoms have established, people with disabilities can be nice, mean or anything, 'cause they are like anyone else.

I remember one of the last times there were new episodes of the McFarlane toons, there were these odd crossovers (Francine and Meg both in jail; Stan hooked on crack, Cleveland selling crack; Chris on "Cleveland); and there more that I’ve forgotten).

Then last night sex dolls show up on “Cleveland” and “American Dad.”

They just got one common pool of story ideas there?

“Pack your winter coat, we’re going to the warmest city in Canada!”

To answer the question about future Stan’s accent it was Mexican and Canadian. Future Stan explained that the US was invaded and conquered by Mexico and Canada, Present Stan said how horrible it was sad our great country was taken over by the laziest and most boring countries.

I thought The Simpson’s had the best gags, like Milhoose and I’m just a big Maggie, Family Guy was just Meh. Cleveland was painful, but it always is. American Dad seemed like a dozen other episodes of American Dad, Stan doesn’t appreciate his wife and Roger gets involved in something and takes it too far.

The combined entertainment of American Dad + The Cleveland Show + Family Guy, is somehow less now than a single episode of Family Guy season 1-3.

The only somewhat funny things I can recall were Peter as a psychic, and the bear. What were they doing with the lost in the woods thing? Nothing, it seemed to me. And that whole plot with Cleveland junior being pregnant, that was the worst.

The Simpsons was a pretty decent episode. American Dad sucks, but I keep watching. At least they throw in some Sci-Fi episodes here and there. All three of the McFarlane shows are trying way too hard to be disgusting and cringe-worthy. Some of FG’s best bits over the years were G-Rated.

All McFarland’s shows are crap to me. Too bad The Simpsons has so become just like them. The only thing I genuinely laughed at was Canadian Milhoose! Although South Park did it like ten years ago…

That’s so true. And the South Park episode making fun of psychics several years back was much funnier.

Cyber-Stan’s accent was because in the future both Mexico and Canada invade the USA. That’s why his accent would always be something pretty stereotypical Hispanic and then end it with, “eh?”.


the simpsons did “let’s call the whole thing off” last week, and had a “better than (insert something surprising)” joke this week. Parks and recreation played the same song and had a better than-something joke also. comedy conspiracy?

NOTHING in writing happens accidentally.

Well, the pool can only hold so many manatees. :smiley:

Yeah, I caught that too.

I liked Family Guy better than some people apparently did—it wasn’t a classic, but it did have a couple of laugh-out-loud moments (“STEWIE DEFEATS TRUMAN”; and, God help me, I laughed at Adam West’s “one question” gag) and an enjoyable musical number.

And I liked The Simpsons less than some people apparently did—I thought they were trying too hard to be topical.