Seth MacFarlane's 2.5 Hours of Sunday Primetime (open spoilers)

We Fox has finally given Seth MacFarlane an entire Sunday evening’s worth of primetime. Two and a half hours of original programing from Seth. An episode of American Dad, two Family Guys, a Cleveland Show, and Seth & Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show.

American Dad was OK and if the past is any guide it’ll wind up the best programing of his tonight. The Steve’s birthday thing was a little odd, hasn’t he been 14 since the pilot? :confused:

Just finished watching the comedy show. Wasn’t too keen on it. I kind of expected more from it.

The first Family guy was okay. My brother and fiance keep kicking each other and keep saying “Roadhouse.”

There were a few funny bits on the comedy show (Gregory Peck auditioning for Transformers, the Cal Johnson theme song), and I am amazed at how much of a sense of humor Marlee Matlin has about herself (I’ve seen her poke fun at her own disability before), but other than that it was rather weak.

Well I was right about American Dad. Family Guy #1 was better than Family Guy #2, but that’s not saying much. The whole Brian/Couger thing just collapsed. Other than the Marlee Matlin skit the special was largely forgetable, though Alex was alot funnier than Seth. I did like where she took Edelweiss. I gotta hand to to the Cleveland Show more making purity balls seem even creepier. Just think, they’re actually a real thing. :eek:

Stopped watching the “special” before Matlin showed up, but during the totally unfunny lead-in.

I turned the special off during the ‘Marlee Matlin singing’ bit, which was not only unfunny, but physically painful. The funniest bit up to then was Alex joining in on singing Edelweiss, after her anti-Edelweiss rant, which was as unfunny as it was uninformed. And that wasn’t all that funny.

That’s the thing: These are funny people, but that show was not funny.

Huh, I though the show was pretty funny. I had hoped that Marley Matlin would actually finish the song. That would have been funny.

I loved Cleveland’s rap.

Watching it again, on the West Coast feed…it got funnier after Matlin showed up.

And the reward for becoming funny AFTER the half-way mark is WHAT? :rolleyes:

It was strange. I laughed quite hard at a couple of things - the only one I can recall was the joke that only a rapist can hear. But the Marlee Matlin thing? It wasn’t enough to mute it, I had to physically look away in horror. And then, 20 minutes later, I checked the screen, and it was still going. Alright, maybe not 20 minutes, but it felt like it…


I thought it was weak.

Then again, I haven’t laughed at TV for a week or two.

I didn’t find any humour in the Cleveland Show at all, though I did think it was pushing the edge to see the incest/homosexuality thing with the boy asking his father to the purity ball instead of his step-mother.

Seth is a pretty good looking guy though. I didn’t realize that.

Not yet watched American Dad or The Cleveland Show.

Enjoyed the first Family Guy more than the second and liked the comedy show a fair bit.

Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein did a two-man comedy special last night on FOX. I thought it was actually quite funny. Alex got Bea Arthur down perfectly. Anyone else watch it, and what’d you think?

I laughed pretty hard at some of the lines.

I thought it was good as a special.

Merging Agent Foxtrot’s thread into this one.

At first I assumed it was some sort of childhood dream of MacFarlane’s to host a song & dance variety hour (which, given his track record, is a pretty safe assumption), but you’d think if that were the case he’d have put some more effort into it. It sucked. Almost as much as the show does, these days. I wish he’d just create an old, female Jewish character to beat up in the corner of the screen throughout every episode. Might free them up for other sorts of jokes.

Tough crowd, here.

I enjoyed the live special. It wasn’t Comedy Gold, but it wasn’t just a big pile of CLEVELAND; I thought it was fun seeing “Family Guy Live.”

It was funny when Alex was singing and they showed the audience. A room full of people who were like, “That’s funny, and I laughed but I shouldn’t be laughing oh my god is the camera looking at me while I’m laughing at someone mocking a deaf woman uh oh, it is that can’t be good”.

And who picked out Alex’s dress? She can look decent when she wants to but that think was just horrible.