Seth MacFarlane's 2.5 Hours of Sunday Primetime (open spoilers)

All it takes is that sweater set - the voice was good, but seeing ANYONE wearing that outfit would scream “Bea Arthur,” at least to me.


I was particularly annoyed by them acting like a 50 year old woman is ancient and can easily break her hip on a dog bone.

Variety show was just painful. I watched it with my finger on the mute button and the sound was off more than it was on.

There were a few funny or interesting moments, but for the most part I found it actually painful to watch. Both because of unfunniness and some of the offensive humor, which went on a bit too long, and I suspect is much more palatable when acted out by cartoons than by live actors.

The live thing just seemed like an excuse for Seth to sing for people. Alex impressed me quite a bit. The Matlin thing was terrible. Much of the other material could have just as easily been part of a FG episode. And all the pushing of those two movies, with the audience applauding the trailers, it almost seemed like one big commercial. Not too good overall.

I’m glad FG is back. The two FGs were good although I’m sorry the monkey isn’t evil any more. American Dad wasn’t bad. Cleveland was like all the others, mostly not good with a couple funny bits.

Family guy isn’t as it used to be season 1-3. However the bit with the teenager who didn’t know what books are, was hilarious.

I enjoy Family Guy, but the episodes with Brian and Stewie in some madcap escapade are by far the best. Which is why I was disappointed when it looked like that was in the offing, and then the whole thing was the Evil Monkey. The only time Chris has ever been funny for more than one line’s duration was the meta conversation he and Peter had about Robot Chicken.

The Cleveland Show’s getting better – this one was somewhat disjointed (what? In a Seth MacFarlane show?), but I liked how Cleveland Jr.'s decision to take the pledge showed just how gross and infantilizing the “purity” movement is, and how it’s so easy for us to ignore that when it’s “just” girls who are oppressed by it. I also like the idea of Cleveland as a barely controlled mass of rage – we saw that once or twice in the original show, but now that the character has to fill the whole half-hour himself, it pops up in most episodes, and it’s almost always funny.


I would pay good money to hear a full-length version of the “Cal Johnson” song.

There was a man who shot the man who was the man who shot the man…

Decided to watch each show on Hulu. (Use the search, It’s the 5th show on all but Family Guy (4th & 5th) and the special)

I agree with those of you who found Family Guy funny, although the first was much better than the second.* The Cleavland Show*'s timing was horrible. Too much of it needed to be cut. It reminded me of a political cartoon in the paper–it was plotless and hammered its point at the expense of the humor.

American Dad was plot-driven and entertaining. But I didn’t see anything that was even seemed like it was supposed to be funny. Still better than Cleavland, though.

The special had it’s funny moments, but everything truly live sucked. The animated bits were the best. The first one through me off, as we had just seen that Stewie was the one who liked Hannah Montana (and I assume they made a new robot.) My favorite bit was Stewie’s segue into the Sherlock Holmes movie. They’ve made fun of the network before, but I’ve never seen them make fun of the sponsors.

I have one more thought I must share, though. Did anyone else, after seeing the first Family Guy and *The Cleavland Show,*hear a voice in their head saying “[del]The Simpsons[/del]South Park did it”?