Anyone else think The Cleveland Show licks the sweat off a dead dogs groin?

At the risk of getting this booted to the pit, I think this show sucks feces through a straw. American Dad is really funny and Family Guy is hilarious. But I haven’t seen anything this awful since THE WINNER also a Seth MacFarlane stink bomb. I’m starting to wonder if he is guilty of “Shakespeare syndrome” (having written/created none of the things being credited to him whether good or bad).

The implied racism in America on THE CLEVELAND SHOW is at least 20 years too late to make any impression on anyone. And the non-racism humor is not funny either.
And don’t get me started about that stupid f*****g bear!

Or am I out of touch?

My kids didn’t complain when my wife changed the channel. 'Nuf said.

OTOH, she didn’t change it to “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” I left the room.

I’m with you except for the bear. The bear is fucking awesome and it should be his show, not Cleveland’s.

It’s from Seth Macfarlane. All things from Seth MacFarlane suck. Therefore, the Cleveland show sucks.

I like Family Guy, but its bizarre that FOX keeps paying McFarlene ever increasing amounts of money to make ever more inferior versions of the same show.

I kind of like it. The bear is awesome. The rest of his bar buddies are kind of generic and forgettable though. It more linear and less random than family guy, and has more ‘heart’ than American Dad. Cleveland was my least favorite character from Family Guy so if they managed to make a whole show about him that I enjoy they must have done something right.

Yesterday’s episode was decent. There were some really funny moments. I can’t remember what it was we were laughing about yesterday, but we actually laughed. It’s slowly getting better.

The Cleveland Show had the single biggest laugh of the MacFarlane block this week.

Specifically ‘You Herbie Hancock-blocked me!’

It didn’t hurt that Family Guy was an already overplayed rerun, and American Dad was sub-par. Even for a Roger-centric episode which tend to be sub-par, anyway. But still, was a good joke.

It’s got the occasional good joke, but it’s not very good overall. That said, I don’t think it’s bad enough to warrant composing vivid imagery featuring dead dogs. I’d reserve such language for, say, the oeuvre of Eddie Murphy.

Yes. It’s crap like the show Family Guy from which they take the boring character and do a cartoon of it.

I’ve seen two episodes and, I must concur, it’s pretty bad. It’s painful to listen to more than a few minutes of Cleveland’s voice, which I’ve always hated, but his son’s voice is even worse. Also, I can see milking the racial angle in every episode getting old really fast. I give it six months.

“American Dad” started slow and awkward but has gotten really good. I’m gonna give Cleveland time. But I swear I’ll never watch “The Simpsons” again.

–>Cut to Sunday night and my wife is saying “I thought you were never going to watch that again!”

So much goodwill stored up. Can’t … not … watch!

Oh, and another vote for the bear. He’s a lot like me. Quiet, humble, confused guy who sneaks smokes

As did Lethal Babydoll, it took me a while to see anything worth liking about American Dad. But it eventually got to where I enjoy it. I feel kind of bound to give it at least half a season before I dismiss it.

OTOH, on the strength of the first two episodes, I find myself wondering if Seth is just trying to see how bad he can make something and still get Rupert Murdoch to pay him for it.

And I didn’t see why they felt a need to dump the original Cleveland Jr. in favor of the new one.

I’m not completely sold on the show yet, but definitely another vote for the bear.

“I don’t know what was in that aspirin those Egyptian guys gave me…but that’s the best friggin’ aspirin I’ve ever had!” :smiley:

Yes, it sucks cannonballs through a straw.

The only decent thing McFarlane has done is American Dad. Decent, not even that good.

Comedy shows or movies (or books for that matter) are the easiest forms of art/entertainment to make aesthetic judgments on. If you laugh … it’s good.

But different people find different things funny. So there’s a wide range of “good” when it comes to comedy.

But i’d say no “bad.”

i find seth’s humor right in line with mine.

so, go Cleveland Brown!

Comedy show? I thought it was a bad drama show.

And what the hell is up with the bear? Why a bear? Bears haven’t been funny since Yogi.

Don’t they show these to a test audience before airing them? The first episode alone was so painfully unfunny that my wife and I (both big Family Guy fans) figured it must be some kind of joke that Seth was playing on us. Like the episode where he was interviewing people and asking them what they thought of Family Guy probably without them knowing that the guy doing the interview was Seth himself.

I can usually find humor in just about anything, but this is one case where I don’t even want to try.

Honestly, I’m regretting the time I’ve spent here ranting about this crapfest.

The Cleveland Show has finally appeared on TV here in Australia and this was pretty much my verdict after the end of the episode I saw the other night.

I really like both Family Guy and American Dad, but I’m not really impressed by the Cleveland Show- his “bar buddies” are nonsensical (A redneck, a bear and a short hipster with a beer gut?), and Cleveland’s new family don’t really seem to offer much in the way of comedic possibilities either.

I’ll be interested to see if it gets a second series.