Family Guy: What does Stewie know/not know?

But who other than a madman would give Stewie plutonium?

Or does Santa do it realizing that, since Stewie’s schemes are doomed to fail, there’s no harm in it, 'cause it’ll at least make the kid happy to dream?

He does not know the name of the hamsters I had as a child. Because I’ve never told him.

By inference, he knows the spoken-word albums of one William Shatner. And, as his stand-up reveals, he doesn’t know what the deal is with airline food.

I could never tell if the REST of the family knows what he is saying when he talks.

There was an episode which, at the end, was revealed to have been shown in a history class far in the future. They were studying, I dunno, families of the past. Anyway, most of the questions the students asked were along the lines of “What’s the deal with that baby? Can they, like, understand him, or what?”

Well, Brian knows what he’s saying. I think the rest of the family gets the gist of it, but misses the evil subtext. His real life voice is probably babytalk with enough English to allow him to be generally understood.

Great episode. It was called E Peterbus Unum. They were studying the history of a country that broke away from the U.S. and was annexed a week later.

I’ve always understood it as, the family can hear Stewie and what he says, they just never pay attention to him, causing him to be angrier.

An example of understaning. Peter is trying to potty train Stewie, but Stewie won’t go. Peter, in his infinite fatherly wisdom says, “I’ll just give you some beer, it’ll go right through you.”
Stewie: “Oh, and sure. Why don’t we just smoke a doobie and watch some porn?”
Peter: “Ye…yeah?”

Another example would be where, in a dream, Lois stumbles upon Stewie’s secret lair. She says something to the tune of “And all this time I thought it was nothing. I should have paid more attention.”

And yes, I do realise that I spend too much time on Family Guy. But in response “C’mon.”

Seth MacFarlane has said that inspiration for Stewie came from his four year old nephew who was visiting. When it came time to leave his nephew turned and said, “I’ll see you in hell.” Everyone laughed, because obviously, the kid didn’t know what he was saying, and it made Seth wonder what would happen if the kid did know what he was saying.

Stewie knows both John Lennon and Yoko Ono (in fact, he introduced them).

Stewie doesn’t know Ringo Starr.

I’m pretty sure they understand him, but don’t pay any attention to him - except Brian, who understands that Stewie is pure, malevolent evil.

Since you’re in the UK (which is close to Ireland) I have a question. In one of the episodes, there’s a museum of Irish heritage which has animatronic displays featuring a man drinking at a bar and then punching his wife in the face, and another one of a woman on her knees praying and then tilting back and popping out a baby.

I think it’s hilarious, but do you know how funny real Irish folk find it? I imagine they think it’s pretty funny as an anachronistic stereotype, but people sometimes have thin skins when it comes to humorous portrayals of them on TV (even Americans, believe it or not).

Which episode is that in?

I can’t tell you what episode it is, but Stewie says something to the tune of, when he’s talking about revenge, “I’ll do to you what I did to the Beetles.” {flashback to Stewing introducing Yoko to John}

Don’t remember and can’t find any mention of it at

The actual line that Stewie says, “Or I’ll do to you what I did to John Lennon.” Which, of course, makes everyone think that Stewie’s somehow Mark David Chapman, until you see the clip where Stewie introduces John and Yoko.

Stewie knows “This is my rifle, this (grabbing crotch) is my gun.” and which is for fighting and which for fun.

Stewie also knows about the concept of the casting couch. (“Which producer are you sleeping with?” to the replacement for Brian)

Made a similar crack to the girl he was working with in the episode he was an entertainer, when he saw she was listed first on the marquee.

Stewie knows what Astroglide smells like.

I never got this joke. Could some one please enlighten me?

Stewie believed Brian was a normal director and didn’t know that he was in fact a porn director instead. The reference to astroglide just further the notion that the family wasn’t aware of Brians new job.

That’s actually what I thought it might be. Well, thanks for the explanation, another mystery solved.

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The John Lennon comment was in the episode where Joe does the Special Olympics.

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