Fancy (titanium) pocket watch chains

So, I’m getting married. (I’m told the ladies have scheduled a mourning session for later that afternoon.) We’re doing the destination wedding gig and going super casual - I’m wearing a dark brown vested suit and she’s wearing a tea-length ivory dress.

I’m also getting a titanium wedding band, since a lot of metals cause irritation issues (and, hey, $20 wedding band). The aforementioned irritation also lead me to wear a pocket watch instead of a wristwatch.

The girl has bemoaned that she can’t buy me a fancy pocket watch for the wedding because I already have several watches. It occurred to me that a double albert watch chain for the vested suit that matches my wedding band might be a good thing to desire out loud. Before I send her off on a wild goose chase, I looked around and couldn’t find any of the fancy watch chains being produced in titanium.

Anyone know anything? Thanks in advance!

I’m confused. Why can’t you wear a titanium wrist watch? Titanium wrist watches are going to be much easier to find.

Because a wristwatch would look silly hanging from a chain. :wink:

Because a pocket watch probably will match his monocle better than a wristwatch.

Well, that does simplify matters just a bit.
Just contact the company that makes your titanium monocle chain and commission a matching watch chain to be made. Problem solved!

Also, congratulations on the marriage!

That’s true, and it’s an option. The main reason I’m asking is because she’s been giving me a bit of a hard time on how hard I am to buy gifts for and has mentioned wanting to get me a watch a couple of times, except that I already have a couple, and grumble what a bad guy I am. :wink: So if there was a way for me to help her maintain her original idea that she just didn’t know about, I’d like to plant the bug in her ear. (Plus, it would match my wedding band and I’m told that girls find such things adorable, mainly by her.)

Also, wristwatches are for suckers (and it’s usually the button on the stem that gives me the most trouble so since those are stock parts it’s sometimes a crapshoot whether the all-titanium watch is actually all-titanium).

I’m strictly single use, unlubricated in the monocle department.

But if such things aren’t readily available, it’s no big deal. I’ll wonder aloud about the availability of something else soon enough.

During a quick search I found plenty of titanium pocket watches but they usually came with a steel chain. Is that an acceptable compromise?

I’d happily take a look at them. Thanks!

Here is a titanium watch with steel chain that looks very classy and awesome, just like a pocket watch should. You can even get the front engraved.

Metal wrist-straps make mincemeat of shirt cuffs.

The front of the watch contains titanium, but the chain does not.

Yeah I said that, titanium watch, steel chain.

Ask a jeweler. I 'll bet any decent jeweler can make you a nifty titanium chain.

You do realise that the Titianium pocket watch chain is going to cost your fiancee her hair, and those combs you buy for her with the proceeds of the pawned pocket watch are going to be useless for a while…

Good luck on the wedding.


It’s cool. She needs a haircut anyway. I’m actually getting her a soap dish from Mr. Hooper’s Store for her rubber duckie, though.

And they say romance is dead.

Seriously, congratulations to you both.

Awww I wish you weren’t getting married, I’d hit on you hardcore right now.

But congrats anyway :slight_smile:

Titanium wedding band? Bah. Real men wear tungsten carbide.