How big is your wrist? (watch-buying woes)

I cannot find a watch that will fit(well, I can find leather bands that fit, but I’m looking for a silver band), so I’ve decided to take an informal poll to find out if my wrist is just freakishly small at 5 3/4 inches.

Ladies, how big are your wrists?
Mods, this is incredibly mundane and mostly pointless, but it’s a poll, so I assume I have the correct forum. If not, my apologies.

I know mine are freakishly small. I can’t wear many watches. I also have tiny ankles. I suppose there is a correlation. My wrist measures 4 3/4". I’m 5’8". My daughter (22 mos) can wear my watches. I’m a freak.

You may want to research antique watches. I have a watch case that was made in the 1880’s that is the first solid band watch I’ve ever been able to wear.

Mine are also small (just measured - 5.5 inches). My last two watches were silver, I asked a jeweler to remove links, they fit perfectly now.

I just measured. Just under 6 inches. Most watches look and feel too big on me and the few times I have worn watches with links I had to have several removed for them to fit. The only watch I ever wore consistently was a classic all-black Movado with a leather strap. Nice and thin and simple. Had it for 15 years until it was stolen last summer. I should probably start looking for another one soon, I really loved it.

I guess this is what I’ll probably end up doing, but it feels like such a hassle, especially since whatever I end up buying probably won’t be a very high-quality watch, with the budget I’m on at the moment.


5.5 inches. I don’t wear watches, but I don’t enjoy wearing bracelets, because they’re always sliding down onto my hand.

My wrists are freakishly small for a man – about 6" even. I’ve never heard of buying a watch for its band size; I always buy the watch I want and remove links. I have a tool to remove them so that I can tailor the fit myself, and they’re cheap: $14.45 for this one, or $11.99 for this one on eBay.

I also have very small wrists and do exactly the same thing - just have several of the links removed.

I have big wrists for a woman so I buy a man’s watch and wear it loose like a bracelet.

My wife is a jeweler, and the smaller bracelets she makes are about 7 inches.

The smallest ones might be more like 6 inches, but that’s getting pretty small. Anything below that, she’s taking links out.

The last watch I bought cost $55, because I needed a low-cost beater. The nice folks at the mall adjusted the band for me for $7.50.

I think whatever you buy, you can afford to have it fit your wrist.

Consider an antique men’s watch - watches from the 40s and 50s typically had much smaller faces than ones made today, and may suit you better. And many of them are surprisingly affordable.

My wrist is pretty big. The average woman’s watch is often almost too small (I’m usually on the last hole for leather bands, and that’s snug). An awkward measuring gives me about 8" as the measurement of thumb to tip of my middle finger which touch around my wrist.

I’ve got a watch with a silver band, but it’s too snug to wear (it was a gift, so it languishes in my jewelry box) and my favourite one (a cheapo Wal-mart one) was the perfect size, but got busted when I caught the dial on the edge of a counter and it tore out. Stopped it cold, and it’s not really worth it to fix a ten dollar watch.

Mine’s 5.5 inches. I use leather bands and punch an extra hole if necessary.

My wrist is almost exactly 5 inches in circumference. Every store I’ve ever bought a watch from - including el-cheapo places like Wal Mart - will remove a link or two when you buy the watch. It’s usually free and only takes a few minutes.

Agreed. My wrist is not quite 5.5 inches, so I always have to have links taken out. The last watch I bought was at Target and they took out the links (free). I don’t think you’ll have any problems with this. Just ask!

You’re supposed to have links taken out of a watch to fit your wrist - that is why they are there. Watches with links are made large on purpose to fit as many people as possible. Almost everyone has to have links taken out. I used to work for a jewelry store and it was standard to take out links whenever anyone bought a watch. Watches with leather straps are the “one size fits all” kind, but watches with links are like buying a ring. You are supposed to have it fitted.

Ask to have them taken out, really - that is what they are for! Any place that sells this kind of watch should do it for free.

Mine are 5.5 and they’ve grown considerably since Mr. K bought me a cool bracelet watch about 10 years ago. The watch is made in France, and we had to order the smaller bracelet directly from them as our jeweler didn’t carry them.

It’s gotten noticeably tighter over the years.

Mine are 5.5". The best watch I had was a Fossil watch with the links taken out, but the clasp broke eventually and it kept falling off my wrist. Now I have one of those stretchy metal bracelet type watches, but it sits about 4" below where it should. Let me jump on the bandwagon and suggest just having it adjusted wherever you buy it. I liked my Fossil watch a ton.

Fossil makes these “adjust-o-matic” watches with links that can be removed by you… there are dozens of styles to choose from. I have one similar to that one, and I love it. I don’t remove any of the links (I like it loose, and my wrists aren’t that small) but I could remove two links, or about an inch, if I wanted to.

My mom has itty bitty wrists, and she has the jeweler remove links whenever she buys a watch.