Fantastic "Firefly" Film Festival

All right, all you brownshirts, or even anyone just vaguely interested in the Firefly series.

To prepare ourselves for the fall release of the movie Serenity - well, heck, actually, just to have an excuse to watch the series again - we’re starting the Firefly Film Festival series, as discussed in this thread.

Pull out those DVDs. If you don’t have them yet, go rent, buy, or borrow them, there’s still time. We’re going to watch the episodes one per week, and comment on them starting on Sunday nights. First episode - watch it this this weekend!

Suggested guidelines from that other thread were:

  • The word “spoilers” will be in the thread titles.
  • There will be open discussion and assumed spoilers about the episode under discussion and every previous episode (no spoiler warnings).
  • Please use spoiler warnings if you want to bring up points from later episodes.
  • Definitely use spoiler warnings if you want to use info from the movie - some people will have seen it, others will have read about it, so information will be around, but a lot of us won’t want the movie spoiled until we see it.
  • Label what the spoilers are about so that readers can decide whether to open the box.

Viewing order:

Hope to see a big crowd there!
If you have any comments, here’s the place to bump, I mean, this is the thread to make them in.

Out of curiousity, will commentary of the commentary be out of line? Some of those are just as entertaining as the episode itself (which is a compliment to the commentary, not an insult to the episode). Alan Tudyk (Wash) and Nathan Fillion (Mal) were especially fun to listen to.

end of commentary to “War Stories”:

Fillion: “Now get out of my house so I can watch my porn” (or words to that effect). :slight_smile:

I don’t see why not. I imagine there will be several people who have watched the episodes a few times, and will take this opportunity to listen to the commentary. (Like me, now that you’ve suggested it.)

The only thing I would suggest is, again, if anything in the commentary gives away something from a later episode use spoilers.

Spoiler from the commentary to “Serenity”:

This was just an example.

Coincidentally enough, I am having friends over on Sunday to conclude our weeks-long Firefly festival by watching the last three episodes. So either I’ll be turning right around and watching the pilot the following night… or I’ll be staying up late. :slight_smile:

And I’ll bet I’m not the only one for whom this won’t be the first time to go right back to the beginning immediately after hitting the end, either.


(somebody had to say it!)

I hope people who haven’t seen Firefly before participate- it’s easy as pie to get the DVDs one at a time from Netflix, if you don’t feel like sheeling out $35 for the full set. It’s always great fun to see what new people think of the show. :slight_smile: Trust me- it’s worth it!

I believe fans of Firefly are called browncoats. Brownshirts is often used to refer to Nazi stortroopers…

Anyway, yes, I think we should be able to discuss the commentary tracks too. They’re very nearly as much fun as the show itself.

Yeah. Browncoats, not shirts. Eep!

Great idea. Anyone who posts anything about the movie other than its date of release outside a spoiler box, or in one not clearly marked, will get a visit from me and my good friend Vera.


Spoiler to the Spoiler from the commentary to “Serenity”:

[spoiler]This was just an example.

I thought the example episode was The Train Job?[/spoiler]

Oh. You weren’t being literal.

I am very in. I’ve also got a headstart, because I watched Disc 1 this weekend. :slight_smile: But it will be more fun to watch “Serenity” again with the commentary, anyhow.

:smack: I knew that. Once…

That’ll teach me not to use fan references. Please forgive the faux pas; I hope everyone realizes it was an error, and no offense intended.

I think there were about five or six more posters in the other thread that were interested as well, so hopefully it will be a fairly active thread.

Waiting eagerly for the weekend now. Well, I suppose I’m ALWAYS waiting eagerly for the weekend, but I’ve got an extra great reason now!!


I’ll be sure to contribute. Even, I hope, something useful.

I will be in and out… for the first half of the summer I will be moving back and forth to places where Firefly may or may not be available (I don’t have the set because my dad has it at home and my housemate has it here at university… just a matter of neither of them taking it off somewhere when it’s episode time :slight_smile: )

I will definitely try to contribute as I can, though!

I’m in[sub][sub][sub][sub] my bunk[/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub].

I present:

The first episode: Serenity

I’m in. My parents still have the first DVD (I don’t think I’m ever getting it back), but I think I’ve watched those eps enough to comment. And I still have the rest of the DVDs.

Onto “The Train Job”!