Fantasy football advice needed...

What do you all think. I have Henry and S. Davis as my RB’s. Moe Williams and William Green are my backups. I can trade Green and Galloway for Eric Moulds. Do I sacrifice the RB depth to upgrade at WR? I have Harrison and Driver as my other two starting WR’s.

I’d do it. But how many WRs and RBs do you start in a given week?

If you only start 2 RB’s a week, I’d do it. Yes, you’re sacraficing a little bit of depth at RB, but you’re gaining more strength at WR than you’re losing at RB. Williams at #3 is good. He did wonders for me last year. So did Driver. I hope they do as well for you this year as they did me last year.

Don’t do it. You don’t get a massive upgrade at WR (Harrison and Driver are excellent, and Galloway’s a good backup), and you need the depth at RB. When Bennett gets back, Moe isn’t going to get nearly as many carries, plus Onterrio is going to be getting more and more action. Green has been in a slump, and you’re selling him too low.

RB depth is the single most important factor in fantasy football.

I wouldn’t. Moulds is not enough of an upgrade over Galloway.

You are stacked at RB, I would think about trading Williams/Galloway for a Moss/Owens if you can.

Williams value will not hold up towards the end of the year because he will start to lose more and more touches when Bennett comes back, and it looks like they want to give O. Smith more touches as the weeks go on.

Harrison is, of course, a start every week. Driver seems to be fully recovered from his injury, and seems to be the only guy that Favre is truly comfortable throwing to.

As others have pointed out, Moe’s numbers are going to drop soon, so you really can’t count on him. Green has been slumping, but he did get 100+ this past weekend and I haven’t heard any rumblings about him losing his job. I think he’d be a fine bye week/ emergency backup.

I do really like Moulds, though. He consistently gets the ball, although he hasn’t had the TD numbers this year that I’d like. He’s a definite upgrade over Galloway, but I think your WR corp is fine without him. Unless you have to start 3 WR, I probably wouldn’t do the deal.

But what do I know.

Oh also, Moulds is hurt. They don’t know to what extent, but it could be serious. I wouldn’t do a thing yet.

Yeah, keep Green. Remember, he was probably the worst starting running back in the league last year until about week 10, and then really picked up. Besides Moulds being hurt and Michael Bennett/Onterrio Smith stealing carries from Williams, you never know what you’ll get out of Henry if Willis McGahee comes back this year.

I’ll probably try Williams/Galloway for Moulds, though I doubt he’ll take it. I know he’s injured but he’s not expected to miss time. BTW, this is a typical Yahoo league, 3WR’s, 2RB’s starting.

I wouldn’t do it, unless you play in a small league… if you can pick up, say, Troy Hambrick on the waiver wire, then go for it.