Fantasy Football Playoff Time

Well, the playoffs start for me in 2 different leagues this week. So its time to me to ask for help from the Teeming Millions.
At WR I need to start 2 of the following 4. Joe Horn, Marty Booker, James Thrash or Chris Chambers. Right now I’m leaning toward Horn and Booker. All of them have fairly decent matchups this week. My gut tells me Chambers wants to push Booker out.
At RB I got R.Williams as a lock and Duce Staley and S. Alexander wanting the other spot. Shaun is the more talented of the two (obviously) but Duce is playing in the more important game and without his starting QB.
In my other league I have a trio of QBs that could feasibly start for me. McNair, Vick or Garcia. I have Garcia in right now and who I thankfully started last week instead of Vick. But Vick won me a few games down the stretch single handedly. Vick is going to run all over the weak Seahawks D. On the other hand Garcia is going to throw all over the weak Packer D. The only other question I have for that team is McAllister or Dillon at RB. I’m going with Dillon unless somebody can tell me different.

Thanks in advance and if you have any fantasy football question marks, feel free to post them here.

At QB, I’d go with Vick. Oh heck, in my league I am going with Vick so I might be biased. The Seahawks have the best defense for fantasy runners to face. Warrick Dunn is still a little banged up. Jeff George is starting for the Seahawks. To me that adds up to short Seattle drives, a couple of turnovers resulting in a shorter field, and lots of chances for Vick to bootleg.

Chambers is playing against the Raiders gutted secondary, but Fiedler’s just coming back, the Raiders are notoriously weka against the run (although they’ve been better the last few weeks), and Oakland has an explosive offense. What all this adds up to is a ball-control strategy for the Dolphins - run Ricky run. I think I’d play Booker over Chambers.

Alexander vs. Staley… I don’t know. I’d start Alexander, but I hate the Eagles with every ounce and fiber of my being, so I’d need a damn good reason to root for Staley. On the other hand, it’s probably this kind of decision-making process that got both my teams eliminated from the playoffs.

At QB… GB and SF are both playing for home field advantage, and Green Bay, despite a decimated defense, has been keeping it together - they’re still ranked 3rd in the NFL in passing defense. They give up a lot of TDs, but they get a lot of picks too. McNair’s playing against the Colts, and I think the Titans will be able to establish Eddie George as a threat against Indy, which will help McNair’s numbers, but, overall, I’d go with Vick against the Seahawks. He’s going to want to prove something after last week, and the Seahawks can’t defend squat. Your rushing numbers will probably look like you started an extra RB, but it’s the points that count.

McAllister and Dillon would be more of a question if Deuce were completely healthy, but he’s still having problems cutting on his bad ankle.

CAVEAT: I have (had) 2 teams, and they were both eliminated from playoff contention early in the season. YMMV. I certainly hope it does.

I would not start Booker as he cold end up with Burris tossing to him. Go with Horn and probably Chambers.

Go with Shaun Alexander at RB, he can have a big day at any given moment.

I’d need to know you scoring rules to pick between Garcia and Vick.

Dillon hasn’t done great this year (not bad, but not great), and McCallister has been a machine so I think I’d go with Deuce.

Booker: not this week…but otherwise he’d be great. Bad QB situation in Chi-town.