Fantasy Football - Proposed SDMB Splinter League - any interest?

So, the SDMB Big League, run by SenorBeef, is changing to an auction draft this year, and there are one or two people who don’t like the idea.

I thought that, to accommodate those people, and to give other folks a chance to play some FF, it might be worth trying to set up a new league with the same settings as last year’s Big League. That would mean a regular snake draft rather than an auction.

The idea is for this to be, as the original name suggests, a big league. 20 teams would be ideal, because the idea is that everyone has to deal with playing marginal players, rather than simply starting a whole bunch of superstars every week. There’s something fun about trying to decide whether to play a #4 receiver or a #3 running back in any given week.

Anyway, this thread is to gauge interest in the project. It could be that the SDMB has reached FF saturation, and we can’t get enough people. If that’s the case, i’ll just withdraw the idea. But if we can get enough people for a league without drawing people away from any of the already-established leagues, it might be fun.

So, if you’re interested, please post to the thread.

A couple of things, though:

  1. If this runs with a full 20 people, it really is best if you can be there for the draft. We’ll try to choose a draft time to maximize the number of people who can attend.

  2. In a deep league like this, you really need to commit to checking your roster every week. If you’re the sort of person who likes to set a Week 1 roster and forget about it, this probably isn’t a good league to be in.

I’m not in either Big League yet but I think we’re at the saturation point. We’ve got a keeper league, an auction league, a big league and at least one or two other fairly standard leagues. There might be room for another non-standard novelty league but having two “big” leagues seems like a stretch. I think this recent obsession with Auction format drafts around fantasy football is fucking stupid myself but it’s not a big enough deal to create a split over.

Fair warning that saturation level doesn’t just apply to playing, but also draft times. It’s already starting to get late in the game to get a good time from yahoo, but there are already 5 fairly sizable SDMB leagues going. Most of us are in many of them, and so we did our best to coordinate / space out all 5 drafts in the least annoying way possible. You never want to have three fantasy drafts on three consecutive nights, for example. Here’s the schedule as best I can tell:

Sun Aug 29 10:00pm EDT - dynasty league (tentative)
Tue Aug 31 9:45pm EDT - auction league
Thu Sep 2 9:45pm EDT - all-pro league
Mon Sep 6 10:15pm EDT - keeper league
Tue Sep 7 9:15pm EDT - big league

Also remember that the third week of preseason is when most of the starters play, so you could get screwed by a major injury if you do the draft before then. The third week of preseason is August 28-29.

Also note that Sep 4-6 is Labor Day weekend. (Sep 3-6 if you count Friday.)

Well, the idea was not create a split, but to provide a league for people who had already decided not to enter the auction league.

Still, the combination of league and draft time saturation might make this a non-starter. I’m not especially worried about it; if we don’t have enough, that’s one less thing for me to do.

I’d be up for it. I’m persona non grata in the other league, so it’s either this, a random league at yahoo, or nothing for me.

I’ll join up as well. I really didn’t want to get involved with an auction league, and (like Oak) was going to join some random yahoo league.

I’d be up for it. I’m only in the keeper league, so I’m looking for another league.

I’m in. I’ve never played two leagues at once, but I’ve got nothing else to do, so why not?

Well, that’s 5 including me, which is a pretty good start.

While we wait to see if we get enough people for a league, why don’t those of you who are interested give me some idea of what days/times are good and bad for you, so that i can try and find a draft slot.

Weeknights? Weekends? etc.

I’m speaking at a seminar August 30-September 1, and I dunno if the hotel will have internet access in the rooms or not. I kinda doubt it. They didn’t last time I was down there, but that was a couple of years ago. Otherwise, I get home around 5:30 central time, most days. Anytime after that is workable.

Also for those who might be interested, those quitting the big league have left a handful of openings available in the original league (doing the auction). If you’re not opposed to an auction (or at least want to spend a minute or two fiddling with the handy mock auction that Yahoo provides everyone so they can see if they hate it or not), feel free to inquire about a spot:

I am a bit confused. Is this league only for people not also playing in SenorBeef’s “Big Auction League?” Because I’m in the big auction league, but have no problem with also playing in this league, if that’s O.K. with the rest of you.

Assuming I can join, I have no preference for draft time, other than avoiding the Big Auction League’s draft window, and avoiding the 28th. If the draft has to be on the 28th, I’ll provide a sort n’ rank and work from that.

No restrictions on who can enter. I’d be happy to have people who are also in the Big League.

My main concern was simply that i didn’t want to actually draw people away from that league, and leave us with two under-populated leagues.

Welcome aboard. It’s still a little early to know whether we’ll have enough people for a viable league. We’ll see how the next day or so goes.

If we don’t get 20 teams, we could go with a smaller number, and I think yahoo allows you to adjust the number of players starting at each position, so we’d still have some degree of depth.

That’s a good point. 20 teams is what, 300-320 players drafted? A “big league” could still be achieved by just sliding the starters/bench to reflect that (200 starters in the big league). It wouldn’t be “the same” but it’d be as good a facsimile as you can get.

Yeah, as long as you keep the number of total starters in the league the same, it’s pretty close.

I’ll do it. Also doing a relatively big one with work buds.

Soooo…is this thing happening?

Well, we have a total of 6 starters right now, which seems too few to me. What do other people think?

I would think that 10 or 12 should be the cut off.

How long do we have to call it?