Fantasy football recruitment thread 2013

I’m going to use this thread to fill empty slots for the various leagues I run. You’re welcome to use it for the same purpose.

I’ll overview the various leagues:


Draft: Tuesday Aug 27 at 9pm eastern

In its 8th year. 12 man league. Standard draft. Modified scoring system in various ways. 1/3rd PPR, reworked QB formula to punish mistakes more, scoring defense matters more, various tweaks. Better than stock fantasy scoring systems, not dramatically different though (like an efficiency league would be for instance).

Ideally, it was designed to be a league with our most experienced FFers, with a high level of competition. In practice it’s pretty good but not especially better than some of the other leagues.

Draft: Thursday August 29 at 9pm eastern

Going into year 7. The main distinguishing feature of this league is the auction draft format. It uses standard yahoo scoring. Ideally we’ll run with 12 players, we had to run with 10 last year due to late cancellations. Which means we’re going to be filling up at least 12 slots. This league actually has a really high level of competition aside from being a pretty standard league.

Big league

Draft: Tuesday Sep 3 at 8:30pm eastern

Going into year 5. This league has the yahoo maximum amount of players, 20, and also has large rosters. We end up drafting 300 players, making it far deeper than other leagues. You’ll sometimes have to start third and fourth wide receivers, third down running backs, etc. It makes the league pretty interesting - you have to find value at the bottom of the depth chart.


This league will likely not be recruiting, and if it does it’ll be a very selective process, so it probably won’t be an issue here, but I include it for completeness. In the dynasty league, you can keep your entire roster if you want to. There are deep benches and we draft rookies every year. You’re looking at the multi-year value of players - you get to see rookies blossom into starts on your bench. It’s an interesting and very active league.

He Hate Me

Draft: Sunday Sep 1 at 9pm Eastern

Going into year 11. A keeper league with up to 3 keepers. Fairly normal settings otherwise. Lots of history.

Super League of Doom - no thread yet. Not sure if we’re going to resume it this year or try out another idea in its place, I’m going to talk with the league members. It was intended to be an even more exclusive home to the best SDMB players with 6 slots. We drafted basically double sized rosters. Last place finisher would be booted out of the league next year and we’d vote on someone to invite to replace them.

Those are the leagues I’m involved in, if anyone else wants to post about theirs, cool.

So far the only league I know will be recruiting is the auction league, so feel free to post if you’re interested. The other leagues may be recruiting, but it depends on when people show up. I’m going to give people at least another few days after sending out another round of invites. Stay tuned to the thread if you’re interested.

Post your FF history and which leagues you’re interested in.

I should add that preference is generally given to 1) People who’ve been in these leagues before but left temporarily 2) SDMB players with a good track record for participation 3) Established SDMBers who are first time FFers 4) Random SDMBers or off-board friends you can vouch for.

He Hate Me is currently down two owners who haven’t checked in yet. I want to give them every opportunity to sign in, but would like to have some backups ready in case they’re no-shows. PM me for info.

If anyone needs an owner in a league which is drafting on a Friday or Saturday, I’m interested. Also, if you need a replacement owner after your league has drafted, I’m also interested. Right now, I work Sunday -Thursdays 330 pm-midnight Chicago time which sucks for attending online drafts.

SenorBeef - who do you do the auction league through? Yahoo? I’m trying to talk my local league into an auction format, didn’t know if Yahoo could handle it.

Yes, yahoo does auctions just fine.

I hope we continue this league. Since I have won it 50% of every year its existed.

I’m signed up for the Super League of Doom, even though I believe I’m relegated (stupid 2 week playoff…). I’d love to continue, but if there an interested 7th party that the league wants to invite, it should definitely go to them.

I might need a replacement in the Big League if we can’t move that draft. :frowning:

I’m usually coming up with something new every year to try, some new twist on fantasy football, and this year I’m seeing if there’s interest in a money league. If you’re interested, post there.

What happened to the SUPER LEAGUE OF DOOM, or whatever it was called?

The All Pro league is in need of one player. That league has very little turnover and I’m giving preference to people with a proven track record of SDMB FF participation.

The Big League needs 3 players. It’s essential that you attend the draft. I’m more open to recruiting lesser established SDMB players into this league.

The auction league needs 2 players. This league can run 10 handed if need be, I’d consider the need to fill the top two more urgent. The all-pro league because we can’t run a league with 11 players, and the big league because the essence that defines it is that it’s the biggest league you can run on yahoo. It’d suck to run short.

If there is a non-live-draft league needing another player, I’d really like to join up. I’m in two random leagues, but in my experience there is little to no interaction/trash talking - would like to get into a league with some folks that at least trash-talk from time to time. Or talk in any fashion.

For the record, I’ve played FF every year since 1994 +/- but not in a “live” format for many years.

All-pro league has been filled and is set. Still 3 slots in the big league and 2 in the auction league. I’d strongly prefer to fill the big league up first - it needs 20 people to function as its intended, whereas the auction league is no big deal if we run it 10 handed.

You should play live draft leagues. You’re missing out on the best part of the game.

By “live” do you mean “meet in person and draft”, or do you mean “manually draft the players online, versus letting the computer run everyone’s rankings through a grinder”?

Live as in face-to-face, and honeslty it’s probably been 4-5 years since I did a live on-line draft. I always play two teams a year, lately both auto-drafted, but wouldn’t mind a live draft if one is available.

Well go ahead and join us in the big league if you can make the draft. But it’s mandatory to make the draft, and you’ll probably have to play in some mock drafts on yahoo to learn the auction format. PM me if interested with your e-mail address.

Unless we can get 2 sign ups very soon, we’ll be drafting the auction league 10 handed. Big league is at 19/20, need one more person. Could also use an alternate that will be around for the draft in case someone drops out at the last minute.

I can do the Big League in the event that you’re still shy come draft time. I’m still wary of taking on too many leagues – that time I had 6 leagues plus all the pick 'em stuff was a pretty lousy fantasy year – but I think I could squeeze in one more.