Fantasy football: the original

Well, since the brag threads have started for the pickem league and the ahem upstart fantasy league, I figured we should have one for the one-and-only original, true-blue, SDMB Fantasy Football League. The first and still the best. [sub]The opinions in this thread do not necessarily reflect the view of Cecil Adams or the SDMB. But they should[/sub]

Spiritus’ Monday Morning Quarterbacks road the “big three” combination of Marshall Faulk and Jeff Garcia??? – Yeah, that’s right. I said Jeff Garcia. – to an 86=57 victory over some Zero who forgot the Bengals had a bye week. :wink:

1 - 0

Milo won in an even bigger blowout, but we also had three games decided by 2 points or less. Very competetive. Kudos all around.

Oh, and a big thank you to the defensive coordinators of both St Louis and Denver. If they had tought their guys to tackle (or cover) I might not be so happy today.

I cannot get into that league to fix my team. NONE of my passwords work.

Since that last post, I have fixed all those problems. :slight_smile: I will be ready for game two…

Ow. Did they send you a confirmation email with the password? If not (or if you have deleted it) have you tried sending an email to the commisioner or posting something on their message boards?

Ah – simulpost (time corrected for distraction during composition.)

Sure, that’s what the Carthaginians said.

Well, even though I received damaged goods in the Galloway trade I still managed to squeak out a victory. A quick visit to the waiver wire has only strengthened my already mighty team!

I can hardly wait 'til next week when I’m sure to do better than -2 points from my QB!!

The waiver wire has been my friend, so far. :slight_smile: been hitting it hard.

And about the password thing. I had the password and the login wrong. Sigh

Hey, as long as you folks are visiting the waiver wire, how about depositing a real quaterback or two?

I can’t have one of my guys play the Falcons every week.

Feel free to offer up a trade! I think my “backup” QB’s did an admirable job. McNown ranks as #1, and Cilpepper as #2!! Too bad we can’t use QB’s in the offensive flex spots!

I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’m still riding high off my 53-19 win over the Wisconsin Cows. YOUCH! WC, um . . . maybe put starters in their starting positions and play people who will get points?

I just can’t believe nobody picked Desmond Howard! I love the guy!

Sure – how about I pick up Galloway and trade him to you for Culpepper? After all, Jerry Jones said he was laready experienced at rehabbing ACL tears. :wink:

iampunha, are you sure you’re in the right place?

Everybody’s a smartass!

Um, Culpepper is mine, and since he was my only offense this week, HE’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Unless it’s a REALLY good trade.

Actually, though, I would be interested in any of your quarterbacks. Check over my lineup and make a wish list . . .

Joey – I believe you have walked through the wrong door. You are in that Satanic other league.

Mundi - Marshall Faulk would be pretty nice, but I imagine that since he’s pretty much your franchise he’s off the block. If you can come up with a multi-player deal that includes Faulk I’m all ears though!

What a crushing defeat my team suffered.

If I had started Longwell at kicker I would be victorious.

Oh, and the fact that my QB’s arm was going to fall off any second didn’t help much.

OTOH, 2 TDs for Alstott!

Sorry, I didn’t know there were two leagues. My bad. I’m a dipshit. Sorry.

Gazoo, are you Faulking crazy?

Geez, my brain hurts just thinking about it. It ouwld haave to be one of those 3 team, 20 players, NBA type trades.

Hell, and I’d probably end up with Rodman.

So you’re up for it then?

I listen to all offers.

But if Rodman shows up in a dress all bets are off. (after all, who would I trade him for now that Everrett has retired?)